This is Marketing

Sesame Street is trying to sell to you.
Patagonia is trying to sell to you.
Hallmark is trying to sell to you.
Disney is trying to sell to you.
I am trying to sell to you.

This is not a bad thing.
Marketing is not a four letter word.

How else are brands (like mine) supposed to signal:
1) what we’re all about,
2) what makes us special, and
3) if, in fact, we fit into your life.

Take Courageous as an example.

We have no interest in working with leaders at brands who are not open to thinking and leading courageously. Marketing saves both sides time, money and headaches. Our marketing is purposely telling the world who we’re NOT for as much as who we ARE for.

This is marketing.

Better for you to know what a brand stands for —
And what it won’t stand for —
Before you buy.


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