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Eric Ryan

“Ryan is right! The difference between mediocrity and greatness or failure and success is one simple ingredient: courage. Ryan provides a playbook to realize our true potential.”

– Eric Ryan, Method Soap, Founder

Jennifer Zudonyi

“Ryan’s passion for courage and for brands is infectious. He, as he believes brand should, lives and breathes the mission and values he has defined for himself.”

– Jennifer Zudonyi, Major League Baseball, Sr. Brand Marketing

Mike Jaquet

“Working with Ryan and his team was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my 25 year career.”

– Mike Jaquet, US Ski & Snowboard, CMO

Nicole Ayers

“Ryan’s book, Return On Courage, is not only the rally cry that businesses need to stay relevant into today’s rapidly changing environment, but it also provides a road map that leads to action.”

– Nicole Ayers, General Mills, head of innovation cereal team

Ryan Thompson

“Ryan challenges conventional thinking. He is also fun and engaging. I find that when we collaborate there are great outcomes as he listens yet provides insightful feedback. His sense of humor translates into all areas of his life, and that is a quality more of us need.”

– Ryan Thompson, Caesars Entertainment, SVP Global Hospitality Marketing

Bill Warren

“Over my 17 year career with P&G, I’ve had personal experience working with numerous creative agencies, but there was something clearly different with Ryan’s team. He is an inspirational leader who truly knows how to think outside the box.”

– Bill Warren, P&G, Pampers

Evan Jones

“Ryan is an exceptionally talented creative strategist. He has a unique ability to connect with consumers, clients and business partners on a personal level.”

– Evan Jones, Fender, CMO

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