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Courage is your competitive advantage.

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Dustin Bomar

“Ryan was Incredible. He challenged us to have the courage to evolve or end up as a cautionary tale.”

– Dustin Bomar, Head of Industry, Travel at Google

Jordan Hunter

“Highly recommend Ryan to any organization that needs a reminder to never settle.”

– Jordan Hunter, People & Culture, Charity: water

Golf Inc

“Ryan Berman wowed attendees with his take on branding and courage. It was the highest-rated keynote to date for the Golf Inc Summit. ”

– Golf Inc

Michael Gregory

“He captivated 200 of us for 2 hours.”

– Michael Gregory, Marketing, Red Bull

Bill Warren

“Ryan is an inspirational leader who knows how to think out-of-the-box.”

– Bill Warren, P&G

Return on Courage: A Business Playbook for Courageous Change

Over the course of 1000 days, Ryan was fortunate to interview leaders from Amazon, Apple, Dominos, Method, Google, Live Nation, Harvard, and more to learn how these companies continue to stay ahead of the rest. For any willing person who wants to advance their career or company — or if you aspire to transform your business into a Courage Brand — this book will help.

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Top Motivational Keynote Address and Speaking Topics

Ryan Berman, resilience expert and author of Best-selling book Return On Courage, offers corporate speaking engagements via virtual conferences and interactive webinars when your organization or audience is dispersed geographically or working under stay-at-home conditions.

Virtual conferences provide an opportunity to reach a greater number of participants, allow two-way sharing of information in real-time and can expand the potential for on-demand participation. Whether you’re looking to create-a-change in yourself or team, Ryan is one of the most sought after keynote speakers who can offer a media-rich experience to create courageous change.

Ryan will tailor his motivational speaking topics to deliver the best keynote message that is matched to your organization’s media and event planning objectives. Feel free to reach out to Ryan by email or use the website contact form to set up a call with him to design his presentation and prepare his best keynote for your audience.

Audiences consider Ryan a top-rated professional leadership keynote speaker who is confident, entertaining and motivational. He is usually the top business speaker at any event and earns standing ovations from attendees at his live appearances. Ryan is a must-see motivational speaker for your event, both in person and virtual event, who will transform your teams and employees with his courageous outlook on their personal and professional lives.

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