Return on Courage

Definition: The return a business, being, or brand gets from tapping into and activating their courage. Look to maximize your return on investment with a Return on Courage.

Courage Brands stay relevant by using their Central Courage System to make fast, calculated decisions. Having an established Central Courage System in place makes it easier for them to pull the trigger in a blink on unified decisions. Courage Brands know that when it’s go time, the team can maximize its Return on Courage by making smarter, swifter, and most important, effective decisions that propel the entire company—product, brand, staff, and all—clearly forward.

Setting yourself up to maximize your Return on Courage is adhering to the five steps of P.R.I.C.E. to successfully establish your Central Courage System. To set up your Central Courage System is to set up your process for success.

Businesses cannot be courageous. Only the people inside a business hold the potential to create a Courage Brand. This type of action is a choice. When you choose courage, you willingly accept that the journey starts by unlocking your personal courage first.


Most businesses are properly focused on return on investment. Courage Brands have a high Return on Courage. How can you recognize when your brand is moving down the right path to delivering a Return on Courage? Read Return on Courage Helps Companies Maximize Their Return on Investment.

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