PRICE is a five-step process you can follow to shape your company’s Central Courage System. The acronym stands for Prioritize through Values, Rally Believers, Identify Your Fears, Commit to Your Purpose, and Execute Your Action.

We all have a central nervous system. It’s evolutionary and human nature.

What we never developed was a way to combat that hard-wired “designed for safe” system. I never intended to deliver a book that did just that. After 1,000 days of looking under the hoods of some of our most relevant organizations such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Harvard, Method, and Virgin Galactic, I came out the other side with a process to training people and leaders how to manifest a Central Courage System®.

Yes, the method shared below will not simply help you in your personal life (which it’s clear we need today more than ever) but there’s never been a better time to slow down and utilize the P.R.I.C.E. framework to develop your company’s Central Courage System.

The Central Courage System combats the realities of the skeptical freeze or flight response that we are wired with. Once the training is fulfilled, your Central Courage System will help you make quick, calculated, and courageous decisions for yourself and with your employees.

The Central Courage System is a process that your team can repeatedly turn to for guidance. Once it has been established and implemented, you can lead with your system’s values, purpose, and point of view. In business, when you follow the training, making courageous decisions becomes ingrained instinct not spontaneous impulse. Speed is key. In essence, we’re going slow first to go fast later. Or, as Abe Lincoln allegedly once said, “If I had 6 hours to chop down a tree, I’d take the first 4 hours to sharpen the ax.” Crafting our own Central Courage System teaches us how to swing our own axes to make bold cuts in business through swifter, sharper decisions.

It’s vital that we focus on the system of the Central Courage System—a high-functioning systematic process you can turn to when you need it most. What we are going up against doesn’t have to be daunting — but we do need to be aware of what we’re up against. Today, we urgently need a Central Courage System for four reasons:

1. Companies are perishing at an alarming rate.

2. We are afraid of change.

3. What got you here won’t keep you here.

4.You need time, but you don’t have time.

Most people wait for that code-red moment before they begin to react. Many hope it never comes and don’t think about potential turmoil until it’s too late. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that building your Central Courage System comes at a cost, which can be quantified as a five-step process, easily summed up as P.R.I.C.E:

Prioritize. Rally. Identify. Commit. Execute.

Prioritize through values

Rally Believers

Identify your fears

Commit to your purpose

Execute your action

P.R.I.C.E. is the courage instructional manual that can help shape your company’s Central Courage System.


Looking for a deep dive into each letter? I cover this in great detail in my book, “Return on Courage: Your business playbook for courageous change.” Each of the 5 chapters covering P.R.I.C.E ends with an “after the chapter worksheet” to help you start powering through the creation of your Central Courage System.

With all of us spending so much time on rapidly churning out stories and tinkering with the messaging, perhaps this is the time to slow down for a second to get ourselves and our stories crystal clear. Whether you’re a start-up from Silicon Valley or a legacy brand, running yourself through the 5 steps of P.R.I.C.E. and learning how to make calculated courageous decisions in your life can help. Whether you’re aspiring to start a new company, turn a business around, or are in the process of making a courageous personal brand decision, my hope is that you will conquer your largest business fears by following the training described in my book. Enjoy.

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