Courage Brands


Courage Brands are unapologetic in who they are. They aren’t trying to be all things to all people. Their core values are known, valued, prioritized, and lived. Knowing their truth makes it easier for Courage Brands to attract passionate core believers.

Courage Brands put a “rally cry in their why.” They know a call for action always tops a call to action. Finding their rally cry helps them create their company’s cause where Believers want to stick around and help create momentum that leads to a movement.

Courage Brands inject a sense of urgency into a sensible plan. They articulate “why this story now” and they do so by understanding the pressing contextual relevance of what is happening now. It all gets thoughtfully rolled out as a comprehensive program.

Courage Brands lead with the brand’s creature versus the product features. They don’t get bogged down leading with product features. They lead with their unapologetic, purposeful point of view.

Courage Brands create passionate Believers. Courage Brands and their Believership always put Believers first. It’s why Courage Brands have passionate employees, products, services, and messages that attract true external Believers.

Courage Brands narrowcast to advocates who broadcast to the rest of the world. Courage Brands narrowcast to influential promoters who proudly spread the gospel of Courage Brands’ messages through word of mouth, social media, and other social networks. Courage Brands are prepared to give full control of their brands to these Believers—greenlighting those advocates to broadcast those meaningful messages to the masses.

Courage Brands address business fears head-on. They continue to address (versus suppress) business fears and industry blind spots. The Believership may call upon an internal experimental task force and give them time, space, and money to recommend a solution to shrink a fear or blind spot.

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