Call For Action

A Call For Action is a critical component one needs to bake inside a successful purpose. A call for action, not simply a call to action, gives your staff a meaningful reason to stick around to make good on the mission. It ignites and unites external Believers around your higher purpose.

When your message courageously stands for something meaningful, you unlock passionate external Believers who will advocate on your behalf—everywhere they go—so long as you stay true, purposeful, and consistent to the cause.

Great causes have a clear enemy. So find a big, juicy enemy to take down, such as greed, injustice, or repression. Remember, to inject a rally cry in your why and consider creating a call for action—which always tops a call to action—to move the cause forward.

You now know how to create an authentic, aspirational, and amazing message. You now understand how to share this message through narrowcasting and promoters. When you do, thanks to passionate external Believers, unlimited earned media opportunities are possible.

At my special forces consultancy Courageous, the “rally cry in our why” purpose is to help our clients liberate with courage. What we’ve noticed is that 95 percent of companies are stuck in preservation mode, and only 5 percent are in liberation mode. This leads to our call for action: to help our clients choose courage rather than end up in the abyss of business normalcy.

What is your call for action? How are you igniting a movement? A call to action doesn’t hold the gravitas of a call for action. A call for action instigates your community and moves them to participate. What’s your call for action outside of customers purchasing your product?

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