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Ryan Berman is the Best Motivational Speaker and Consultant for Fortune 1000 clients looking to unlock courage in their stories, business and cultures.

In 2019, Ryan Berman sparked the courage movement that set out to reinvent businesses by galvanizing people, inspiring leaders, and celebrating courageous action in life and business.

Since then, this movement has continued to gain momentum around the country as Ryan has shared his methods with the leaders at Google, Kellogg’s Europe, Snapchat, charity: water, PnC Bank, Kraft Heinz, Logitech, Pledge 1% and many others.

On a larger level beyond marketing, we are witnessing a clarity epidemic before our very eyes, causing catastrophic levels of paralysis that is stymieing growth and splintering cultures. That lack of corporate action is creating internal politics, negativity and, quite often, mass turn over.

But Ryan believes being courageous is our ultimate competitive advantage. If 95% of our competition is stuck in freeze or flight and we can train our teams to be in that 5% that learns how to fight, then this is a liberating differentiator from the rest of the competitive pack.

He envisions a world where courageous leaders are creating courageous cultures. Those courageous cultures are accepting of courageous ideas and innovation. In essence, any willing being, business or brand can return on courage. And when you do, you’ll feel it permeating in your people, products and corporate purpose. The only way to properly goal set is to have the skill set working in tandem with the right mind set; that’s the power of courage.

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Best Motivational Speaker for Business

Ryan Berman, resilience expert and author of Best-selling book Return On Courage, offers speaking engagements via virtual conferences and interactive webinars when your organization is dispersed geographically or working under stay-at-home conditions. Virtual conferences provide an opportunity to reach a greater number of participants, allow two-way sharing of information in real-time and can expand the potential for on-demand participation. Whether you’re looking to create-a-change in yourself or team, Ryan is one of the most sought after presenters who can offer a media-rich experience to create courageous change.

Audiences consider Ryan a top-rated speaker who is confident, entertaining and motivational. He is usually the top speaker at any event and earns standing ovations from attendees at his live appearances. Ryan is a must-see speaker, both in person and online, who will transform your teams and employees with his courageous outlook on their personal and professional lives.

Best Keynote Address and Speaking Topics

Ryan will tailor his speaking topics to deliver the best keynote message that is matched to your organization’s event planning objectives. Feel free to reach out to Ryan by email or use the website form to set up a call with him to design his presentation and prepare his best keynote for your audience. A sample of his keynote speeches and speaking topics appears below.

There’s a noticeable deficiency of courage in the business world. It is absent from business models, boardrooms, company cultures, and mission statements. Courageous leadership seems to have taken a sabbatical—and many businesses are far worse for it. Most terrifying of all, employees within an organization who aspire to make calculated courageous calls across a company are not getting the opportunity to do so. Their bold ideas are getting squashed along the way or, sadly, they’ve landed in a culture where iterative growth has become the goal throughout the hallways. Instead of spending the next 1200 words delving deeper about “why” this is our current diagnosis, I’d prefer to simply tap into “how” we can help those willing leaders help their companies get their courage back. Indeed, unlocking courage, when truly embraced and understood, can be your ultimate X factor and competitive advantage.

COURAGE SETS YOU FREE. Courage unshackles you from the pack; it separates you from stuck, risk-averse companies. Courage is never prejudiced; It’s willingly open for any opportunistic gender, race, or ethnicity. Courage is a team sport. There’s an our in courage for a reason. Courage can be learned. So long as you are open to the training. Courage has a role in your daily life. It is for you and can be your ultimate X-factor. Above all, courage gets it done. It stretches budgets further. And propels you forward, faster. Courage Credo.

Fifty-two percent of the Fortune 500 companies from the year 2000 are now extinct. In less than two decades, more than half of the brands that were on the Fortune 500 list in 2000 no longer exist. The Business Apocalypse has caused the demise of many once-thriving corporations. Companies we used to adore like Toys “R” Us, Tower Records,, Blockbuster, and Kodak are no more. Four Truths of the Business Apocalypse: 1. Companies are perishing at an alarming rate; 2. We are afraid of change; 3. What got you here won’t keep you here; 4. You need time, but you don’t have time.

Courage as a concept is wildly misunderstood, and you can’t truly understand what courage is without first understanding what courage isn’t. Myth #1: Courage describes other people; Myth #2: Courage is jumping out of a plane sans parachute; Myth #3: Courage is a risky solo journey; Myth #4: Courage is impulsive; Myth #5: Courage can’t be taught; Myth #6: Courage doesn’t have a role in your daily life. Here lies our first problem: Almost no one is up for voluntarily doing something that takes courage, because we associate it with fear.

IS IT CONCEIVABLE to make something that’s scary less terrifying? Can we create a mechanism that takes the risk out of taking risks? Are we capable of crafting a formula that transforms making a courageous decision into a seemingly regular one? Knowledge, faith, and action are the matchstick, tinder, and wood that work together to form the fire that is courage. The sum of these parts—and it must include all of them—makes up courage.

To achieve courage, you must be knowledgeable, have faith, and take action. This new definition of courage leads us to our working definition of a Courage Brand: A Courage Brand willingly addresses its business fears by gathering enough knowledge, building faith, and taking swift action. The four principles of competent and courageous decision-making are: 1. Talent; 2. Team; 3. Tenacity; 4. Training. The only way to properly goal set is to have the skill set working in tandem with the right mindset; that is the power of courage.

The Central Courage System combats the realities of the skeptical freeze or flight response that we are wired with. Once the training is fulfilled, your Central Courage System will help you make quick, calculated, and courageous decisions with your employees. The Central Courage System is a process that your team can repeatedly turn to for guidance. Once it has been established and implemented, you can lead with your system’s values, purpose, and point of view. Central Courage System comes at a cost, which can be quantified as a five-step process, easily summed up as P.R.I.C.E: Prioritize. Rally. Identify. Commit. Execute.

There’s a noticeable deficiency of courage in the business world. It is absent from business models, boardrooms, company cultures, and mission statements. Courage has, in fact, gone out of style and out of practice—and many businesses are far worse for it. Indeed, unlocking courage, when truly embraced and understood, can be your competitive advantage and ultimate X factor.

Seven unwavering traits of courage brands are: 1. Courage Brands are unapologetic in who they are; 2. Courage Brands put a “rally cry in their why;” 3. Courage Brands inject a sense of urgency into a sensible plan; 4. Courage Brands lead with the brand’s creature versus the product features; 5. Courage Brands create passionate Believers; 6. Courage Brands narrowcast to advocates who broadcast to the rest of the world; 7. Courage Brands address business fears head-on.

Return on Courage is the return a business, being, or brand gets from tapping into and activating their courage. Look to maximize your return on investment with a Return on Courage. Setting yourself up to maximize your Return on Courage is adhering to the five steps of P.R.I.C.E. to successfully establish your Central Courage System. To set up your Central Courage System is to set up your process for success. Businesses cannot be courageous. Only the people inside a business hold the potential to create a Courage Brand.

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At our special-forces reinvention consultancy Courageous, the “rally cry in our why” purpose is to help our clients liberate with courage. What we’ve noticed is that 95 percent of companies are stuck in preservation mode, while only 5 percent are in liberation mode. This leads to our call for action: to help our clients choose courage rather than end up in the abyss of business normalcy.

If you would like a step-by-step process on how to unlock courage, creativity and innovation inside your business, nab my book Return On Courage at Amazon. Or, reach out to me directly. I’ve been fortunate to share this framework with Google, Kellogg’s Europe, charity: water, Johnson & Johnson and many others. I’m happy to share more about the steps we take to transforming your business into a relevant, thriving Courage Brand®.

Ryan Berman is an author, keynote speaker and the founder of Courageous; a create-the-change company that builds and leads Courage Brands®. Ryan has helped install courage in the stories and culture at Google, Kellogg’s Europe, charity: water, Major League Baseball, Snapchat, Johnson & Johnson, Cereal Partners Worldwide and US Ski & Snowboard. His book ‘Return on Courage’ shows how during these courage deficient times, courage is a competitive advantage for those leaders who choose to unlock it. Berman also has his own altruistic Courage Brand called Sock Problems: a sock company that “socks” different problems in the world.

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