5 Tips That Can Help You Soar in ’23

Let’s face it.

It’s Michael Jordan’s year.

And what I mean by this, is we have arrived in high-flying “23”.

If there’s any part of you that’s getting your mind right to take off this year, perhaps the below can help.

5 Tips That Can Help You Soar in ’23

#5—Defy Gravity

Gravity, in this case, is any negativity that is trying to weigh you down. Gravity can come in the form of nay sayers, non-believing coworkers, or the never-ending, negative news. Remember, there’s three types of people you interact with: 1) people you gain energy from, 2) people who drain your energy, 3) people who help you “maintain” your current energy status. If you aspire to defy gravity this year, surround yourself with people you gain energy from. This also means it might be time to unfollow a few toxic “friends” on social media. And, if your negative self-talk is part of the problem — schedule a monthly meeting on your calendar with YOURSELF to help you audit if your mind is part of the suck. Also, never forget that a little meditation can help get you back to “defy gravity” levitation form.

#4—Eyes On The Prize

You only have one life. Go for “it” — whatever that “it” might be. This is why I like resolutions so much because they help you get clear on a prize. What I’ve learned is that when you’re clear on what we want, then you can start to work on how to get there. It may be messy, but it makes it palpable to create a “true north” plan to get you to your prize. I should also share that I heard Tony Robbins once say, “people overestimate what they can do in a year but underestimate what they can do in a decade.” What prize is worth a decade of your time? What will you regret not going after?

#3—Define Goals & Roles

Running a team? Let’s look back at those great Chicago Bull units who were clear on their intentions from their get go: winning championships. While the team was aligned on the goal, each understood the assignment when it came to delivering their role. There was the sharp shooter (Steve Kerr), the rebounder (Dennis Rodman), the ultimate wingman (Scottie Pippin), the GOAT (Michael Jordan) and the Mastermind (Phil Jackson). Each were aligned and committed. Each had the clarity and the talent. At Courageous, we always include three leads on every “Mission”: 1) The Thinker, 2) The Feeler, and 3) The Doer. This ensures we have head and heart covered as we take action on our clients projects.

#2—Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

I had a soccer coach who once said. “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” In essence, he’s talking about practicing at game speed. To flip back to basketball, how prepared are you to receive that ball? Are you ready to take your shot? As a leader, it is on you to help your team learn the importance of being prepared. This is both 1) putting in the reps before your number is ever called and, 2) visualizing what scenario may fall in your lap so you can say “yes” at the right time.

#1—Shoot for GOAT Status

Someone has to be the Greatest Of All Time! More than becoming a GOAT, it’s going for GOAT status. You have one life. Have the courage to, as the Godmother of courage Brené Brown suggests, “be in the arena”. Pick the right arena for you, surround yourself with a supporting case and be ‘patiently relentless’ (one of my personal mottos) in the pursuit of your dream.

Why not you?
Why not in 23?
Why not Soar.

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