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EP115 Tim Bantle - CEO at Eddie Bauer

Tim Bantle – CEO at Eddie Bauer

It’s almost as if Tim Bantle was destined for his current role as CEO of Eddie Bauer. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Live Your Adventure® could easily double as Tim’s personal slogan, as he has hopped from skiing to rock climbing expeditions throughout his life. Now, after time at both Patagonia and North Face, Tim’s living his corporate adventure of driving forward a 100-year-old brand.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we learn how Tim is driven by questions (not his ego) which helps him sponge up new things about the company he runs on a daily basis. We cover the origin story of a real, live outdoorsman named Eddie Bauer. And we take part in a brave conversation on life, leadership, and the pursuit of a legacy.

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