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EP92 Steve Pacheco - President & CEO AAF

Steve Pacheco – President & CEO at American Advertising Federation

“Careful, your strategy’s showing.” While other kids were outside playing, an 8 year old Steve Pacheco spent Sunday mornings marking up ads in the paper to make them better. To this day, his passion for the craft of advertising is unmatched. Steve spent over 20 years of his career at FedEx, where he produced 12 consecutive Super Bowl commercials. He is currently the President & CEO at American Advertising Federation, being the first CEO to have held leadership roles at every level of the organization.

Episode Notes

In this conversation host Ryan Berman and Steve Pacheco discuss if advertising — and the ad business — is getting stronger or weaker. They each share their overarching “state of the union” on Super Bowl commercials, the business as a whole and the talent coming into the game.

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