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EP121 Marie Griffin - Founder/President at GRIFFIN Media

Marie Griffin – Founder/President at GRIFFIN Media

Marie Griffin doesn’t tell clients what to say, she teaches them how to think. From losing everything in her mid-30s to working with names like Gaga, Rhianna, and Beckham on the Media PR side of her firm GRIFFIN Media, Marie has defined her life by making bold moves. Despite lacking prior experience in broadcast or PR, Marie established a successful broadcast PR firm that has now partnered with renowned brands such as Nordstrom, Dior, Adidas, and the WSJ Magazine, just to name a few.

Episode Notes

In her conversation with Ryan, Marie reveals her superpower: building trust and consistently delivering on her commitments. Marie also debunks the misconception that people fear public speaking, emphasizing that our true apprehension lies in the fear of judgment, a challenge that requires internal resolution. Finally, they delve into CATNIP™, the speaking division of Griffin Marketing & PR, where Marie collaborates closely with clients to discover their irresistible qualities, fostering their development and enabling them to effectively communicate the unique attributes that set them apart.

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