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EP98 Lauren Teague - Founder of FANWAGN

Lauren Teague knows the secret to building a great business is to cultivate fandom instead of followers. Currently, she’s focused on building FanWagn, a website specifically designed for sports fans to buy and sell apparel from their favorite teams. Before founding FanWagn, Lauren spent seven seasons as the voice of @PGATOUR, transforming how professional golf connects with fans online.

Episode Notes

On this episode of the Courageous Podcast, Lauren and Ryan dive into the realities of Lauren’s major leap from her dream job with the PGA Tour to becoming a startup founder. They unpack why it’s become courageous to “do good” in business vs just “do well”, and why Lauren has a major challenge in catering to both buyers and sellers with her new startup. Lauren also shares some wise advice about reinvesting her income into training courses in areas she knows needs growth.

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