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EP106 Karena Dawn - Co-Founder at Tone It Up

Karena Dawn – Co-Founder at Tone It Up

Growing up in Indiana, Karena and her family weren’t equipped with the tools to navigate their moms chaotic paranoid schizophrenia. It took Karena on a tumultuous tailspin where she now confesses, “I spent my entire teenage years depressed.” Despite a difficult childhood, the true dawning of Karena Dawn came after a long night (and morning) at a Los Angeles rave where Karena chose to have a necessary heart-to-heart with herself. The transformation of her life started soon after. Now, as the co-founder of Tone It Up, Karena has inspired millions of women worldwide to live their truest, happiest and healthiest lives.

Episode Notes

In her conversation with Ryan Berman, Karena opens up about her family’s struggles with mental illness and how that lead her to inking the now best-selling book, The Big Silence.

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