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EP118 Kareem Rahma - Comedian, Musician, and Media Entrepreneur

Kareem Rahma – Comedian, Musician, and Media Entrepreneur

Comedian, Musician, Producer, Entertainer: The content cup has runneth over from the hilarious Kareem Rahma. If you’ve seen his “Keep The Meter Running” series then you know there are many layered notes to Kareem’s madness. From albums to deal-making to comedy, Rahma and his multifaceted endeavors all share one common thread: Fun.

Episode Notes

Fresh from his debut live concert performance, Kareem joins Ryan to delve into the captivating tapestry of his diverse ventures. Unraveling the distinction between hedonism and epicureanism, Kareem unveils how prioritizing fun has not only enriched his own life but transformed him into a better person. Finally, Kareem shares invaluable advice to fellow creators, reminding them of the importance of “taking L’s” without losing heart.

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