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EP120 John Lehr - Comedic Performer, Writer and Producer

John Lehr – Comedic Performer, Writer and Producer

Fresh off a 6 city comedy tour, Ryan sits down with the multi-talented John Lehr. You might recognize John as one of the original Geico Cavemen, or from his numerous TV show appearances, including the legendary “Friends.” But John is more than an actor – he’s a seasoned monologist and comedian who isn’t afraid to talk openly about his over twenty years of sobriety on his “Cold. Sober. Comedy.” tour.

Episode Notes

In their conversation, Ryan picks John’s brain on the Hollywood writers strike and what it means to creativity. They also dive into a concept Ryan calls “body jumping” and explore the art of observing ourselves in those moments when fear creeps in. Finally, they delve into the intriguing concept that sometimes the most challenging experiences can unexpectedly become our greatest blessings, as John unveils his awe-inspiring tale of rebirth following his courageous path to sobriety.

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