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EP104 Jean Batthany - Creative Powerhouse

Jean Batthany – Creative Powerhouse

Jean Batthany is a seasoned brand builder and marketer with over three decades of experience. She has been recognized as one of Business Insider’s 30 Most Creative Women in Advertising and awarded Advertising Working Mothers of the Year by AWNY. Despite being “in between successes” at the moment, Jean is focusing on the art of pausing and leveraging creativity to make the world a better place. As Walmart’s former Chief Creative Officer, Jean led a team of 300+ to enhance creative excellence, efficacy, and efficiency. She collaborated with agency partners to transform Walmart from a transactional company to an emotional brand.

Episode Notes

During her conversation with Ryan, Jean shares her insights on the advertising industry, the significance of awards, and the need to bridge the communication gap between brands and agencies. She also highlights the importance of asking difficult questions and having a clear and consistent message for effective communication. Tune in to hear Jean’s invaluable advice for building successful brands and creating a positive impact.

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