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EP119 Danielle Hawley - Global Executive Creative Director at Uber

Danielle Hawley – Global Executive Creative Director at Uber

It hasn’t always been a smooth ride for the people at Uber. In 2019, with the arrival of new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, the culture took a U-turn for the better. Four months into his tenure, our guest Danielle Hawley, was hired. Today, Danielle is Uber’s Global Executive Creative Director. A master at creating experiences that keep the promises brands make, Danielle will be the first to tell you that creative isn’t a deliverable, it is the culture.

Episode Notes

In their conversation, Ryan and Danielle discuss her joining the company amidst the pandemic during a crucial moment of Uber’s transformation. Through the power of emotional storytelling and data-enabled creativity, Uber answered the question: “how can we service people as a movement company in a time where no one can move?” They also dive into what separates really good creatives from great creative leaders, and why “finding your people” in business should be your everything.

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