Uncomfort Zone

I remember seeing brain coach Jim Kwik “live” for the first time at an intimate gathering up in Los Angeles. I was in awe of Jim’s ability to step into the shoes of his audience and give them what they needed to learn faster and better remember.

You see, that’s Jim’s special sauce.

He has made a career working with high performers turning their brains into super brains. This includes Hollywood actors helping them maximize their minds to memorize their lines.

I recall Jim running us through this one memorizing tool exercise that linked something you already know with something you don’t know — he called this “The Sun List”. The idea is you can store an idea, a word, or a line you’d like to remember with each of these items you already associate with a number:

The Sun List

Once you’re able to memorize the Sun List, you can store a word or idea with each number which better helps your mind link to the association.

This is just one of many fascinating methods Jim has come up with and you can hear Jim chatting about line memorization here.

I ran into the following graphic this week from Jim that we’ll call “The Uncomfort Zone”:

the uncomfort zone

Quite often, people know what they need to do — but the doing gets stalled when our “fear zone” wins the day.

How can you navigate through your comfort zone to your uncomfort zone?
When your purpose is:
1) clear enough,
2) large enough, and
3) in service of others.

When the need to achieve your clear, selfless purpose outweighs the fear, you’re off on your path to growth.

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