The Spider and the Crab

Once upon a time, there were two employees:
The Spider and The Crab.

The Spider, thanks to its spooling savviness, quickly rose up the corporate ladder. To hold its position, The Spider would often spin its political traps that others would walk into which kept many skeptical of the arachnid now high above its coworkers.

One day, The Spider went down into the people and met The Crab; known by many in the organization as nice with a dash of quirkiness.

The Crab looked quite curiously at The Spider.

Hey Spider, I have a personal question I’d like to ask. May I?

The Spider was intrigued to see where this might go, therefore agreed.

Are you lonely at the top?

The Spider was taken aback by this question.

Where is this coming from, Crab?

The Crab, who had a hard enough shell to handle and dish out the truth, shared…

Well, there’s too much to do and it’s so hard to get it all done solo. I figured since you have all those legs, you could surely lift up others with you.

The Spider did have 8 legs. It could extend a pedipalp to another but also wondered deep inside if The Crab was setting a trap. Then again, when it thought about The Crab, The Spider did like how likable he seemed. And, its versatility was a plus as it could handle the land of corporate and rough waters of business.

This gave The Spider a cunning idea;

Now it’s my turn to ask you a question, Crab. What if just YOU rise with me to the top?

The Crab blushed red.

Wow. This is an incredible gesture, Spider. But I’m content for now.

The Spider could hardly believe this response. He had opened up the fast track to success! Baffled he asked…

Well, why not?

Spider, I thank you for this opportunity but I walk sideways for a reason. My path to the top is by first walking side-to-side with my fellow Crab colleagues.


When you’re The Spider, it’s lonely at the top.
When you’re The Crab, the resources are plenty.

Want to climb to the top of the corporate ladder? Your time will come. But first, make like The Crab and make friends by going side-to-side with your fellow colleagues.

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