The PRICE of Courage


Why do we need it so desperately in our work place?
Because there’s fear we must address across our businesses.

You can break these fears into the following 4S’s”:

You’re Stuck. You’ve tried to breakthrough and nothing is sticking or working.
You’re Scared. You’re afraid you’ll get “found out” or fired. Note: Imposter Syndrome is real and we have a remedy for that — but that’s a different article.
You’re Slow. Your process and protocols aren’t adhering to the new school of business. It’s slowing you down and you’re losing time.
Your Stale. You came into an organization that has a culture of yesterday, safe thinking or status quo.

To box out of any of these scenarios, it’s going to take courage — and, after interviewing “The 3 B’s: The Brave, The Bullish and The Brainiac” over the course of 3 years, I know unlocking courage comes with a PRICE.

What is the PRICE of courage?

It’s a commitment.
It’s a mentality.
It’s a path to clarity.

It’s permission for hard conversations.
It’s short-circuiting the belief system.
It’s a quest and pursuit of relevance.

It’s a way to pick up time.
It’s a plan for proactive change.
It’s a true competitive advantage.

The PRICE of courage is what separates businesses we adore from mere convenient businesses.
The PRICE of courage is what it takes to have consumers adoringly talk about your brand vs “just another” brand.
The PRICE of courage is not just a job — but a career and a calling for committed employees who want to stick around.

PRICE is a 5-step process and our “How” for helping you get the mechanics of your business back in order so you can truly get back to relevance.
If you are chasing relevance, or luckily looking to sustain it, look to PRICE for guidance. Or, permission granted to learn more about it in Return On Courage: Your Playbook for Courageous Change.

Or, email me direct as we’ve utilized our PRICE Framework with Google, Snap, Kellogg’s Europe and many other household brands.

If you are looking to be hyper-aware of what should matter most to your brand and aspire to be extremely prepared for the stresses and speed of business, PRICE can genuinely help you get the clarity you’re looking for to pick up time. And if time is an issue, that means that ultimately the main competition you should truly look to thwart is yourself.

That’s where courage comes in.

The only way to install courage in a company is to first instill courage in your people. When you get it right, and your people truly believe, it not only raises the ceiling on what’ possible in your business but it puts you on a path to take down “The 4S’s” we mentioned above. Above all, this puts you on a path for necessary (perhaps even business-saving) courageous change.



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