Shift Remote Work to Emote Work

I had a keynote up in LA yesterday addressing a rocket ship team that hasn’t been live for about 1000 days.

What else is a thousand days old?

Remote Work.

At best, most of us have a transactional workplace culture to show for it.

If we were to proclaim the losers of remote work, you need only look in every direction.

Leaders have never had a harder time building belief.
Managers have never had a more difficult time inspiring teams.
Employees, especially new guard, think remote work brings welcomed flexibility.

But this last group mentioned may be the biggest losers of all.

Gone are the day of impromptu collisions. Harder to come by are opportunities for mentorship.

Instead, we all have packed calendars in 30 minute increments.

Just enough time to exhaust ourselves by days end.
Not enough time to crack the code on meaningful innovation.

We’re connecting less.
We’re making less impact.

Who’s to blame?


The leader.

If YOU are a leader in your organization, then it’s up to you to change this game.

Think you can do that in the remote work landscape?

Then, ask yourself…

How can you turn your remote workplace culture into an emote workplace culture?

Care to rethink remote work?
It’s think less. It’s care more.

As leaders, you guide the culture.

We do that with conviction and emotion.
We do that with commitment and belief.
We do that with clarity in purpose.

It starts with the leader pumping emotion into the veins of your people.

I always like to say…

No feel, no deal.
No emotion, no motion.

Now more than ever…

Leaders must take the time to get to know their people.

That’s hard to do in a Zoom box.

It will take effort. It will take listening.
It will take dropping your guard.
It will take picking your people up.

Above all, it will take slowing down to slow-cook your culture.

Remote Work must become Emote Work.

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