SEE-Membering: People Remember What They See

I have a confession to make. I was back on the road, doing what I do, this week. And boy, it sure felt sweet to be in front of a live and lively audience.

Throughout the course of my keynote, I sported 6-8 Courage bracelets. When people spoke up—which can be hard in front of their peers—there was a transfer that happened from my wrist to theirs. I do it for a few reasons. The tip-of-the-iceberg surface answer is you want to reward conversation and participation. But, I turn to my talented friend Anne McColl—expert sketch artist—to articulate the deeper meaning:

people remember what they see

There’s a reason monkey-see, monkey-do is a cliche.

We have a hard time imitating behavior we don’t see. In fact, as Anne shares in her sketches, the math is quite staggering on what lands and what doesn’t. Funny enough, I posted on my socials this week that I’m not in the business of sharing knowledge—I’m in the business of transferring knowledge. If you’re paying attention, that small shift brings a big difference. It forces me to really think through how I go about crafting my material.

As the sketches remind us, people remember 10% what they hear, 20% what they read, and 80% of what they see.

If you want your message to stick, then make sure people can SEE your magic in broad daylight.

It is not over my head that only 20% of you will remember what you READ here. And perhaps that’s why I freely give out courage bracelets.

So if we remember what we SEE, then I want those who believe in being courageous to see my courage bracelets when they need it most. Hard to do when that bracelet’s sitting in a drawer.

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