Rethink. Reimagine. Reinvent. Reneergize.

Believe in RE

Some would say I’m in the courage business.
Others might suggest the change business.
While many still think I’m in the creative business.

I have a different take on my end all product;

I am smack in the thick of the RE business.

There’s nothing more liberating than nailing your RE.

What on earth do I mean by this?
I’ll explain with the story of most businesses.

Companies we once loved started out with momentum.
Their products were meaningful.
Their people felt inspired.
Their company was relevant.

But over time, competition entered their market.
Yet, leaders from these companies chose not to adapt.
Rather, they stayed “focused” on maximizing their money maker.
(Which resulted in minimizing investments made on future relevance).

Those once adored companies weren’t rethinking new ideas.
Those once adored companies weren’t reinvesting in tomorrow.
Those once adored companies weren’t reenergizing their people.

How do you know if you are one of these “stuck, stale, or spinning” companies?

If things are still the same.
Same is the enemy of change.

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This is your nudge elixir that the RE sets you free.


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