Resolution Reboot

Quick update on my New Year’s resolutions. If this motivates you to get back on yours, well, that’s the point!

For those who are new to my ‘weekly doses of courage,’ I like to set 3 resolutions for the year: one on mind, one on body, and one on spirit.

MIND. I am 75,000 words in on scribing the Landon Donovan memoir and it has been an absolute honor to tell this man’s story. Someone once shared, “Landon is a better human than he is a soccer player” and, as soccer fans know, he was a heck of competitor on the pitch; holding the record for all-time leader in USMNT goals and assists. After logging 70+ hours of interviews with Landon, his family, coaches and teammates I can now validate that above statement. We plan to have his roller coster of a story in market in tandem with the 2022 World Cup. Here’s hoping the USA make it!

BODY: I am down 20 pounds since January. The secret for me is to stay disciplined on my diet during the week. Salads for lunch and minimal carbs at dinner. I’m on the Peloton 6 days a week and giving myself permission to eat what I want when the weekend arrives. So far, so good. Not looking to transform into an ultra marathon athlete (or Landon Donovan) — but I like the intentional way I’m breaking out my weeks from my weekends.

SPIRIT: My 8 year old son and I are in development on a concept called Unwelcome to Oppositetown. The plan has always been to power through the Landon rough draft before the two of us delve deep on Oppositetown. In Oppositetown, as you can imagine, you’re born a Senior Citizen and work your way down. Cats chase the dogs while mice chase the cats. Often in life, the exact opposite happens to you, and you’re better off for it! All of the IP has now been secured which is getting me giddy for this spirit-stirring experiment with my son.

It’s never too late to set your resolutions.
Don’t like “resolutions?”
Replace the word with “annual goals.”

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