Mirrors are Mirrored

If you make someone feel special, they’ll make someone feel special.
When someone doesn’t care about you, you rarely care about them.
If you make people feel heard, they’ll make people feel heard.
When you give off good energy, they’ll give off good energy.
If you can’t let go of a POV, they won’t let go of their POV.
If you ridicule teammates, they’ll ridicule teammates.
If you don’t give a sh*t, they won’t give a sh*t.
When you compliment, they’ll compliment.
If you don’t listen, they rarely listen.
If you squelch, they’ll squelch.
If you critique, they’ll critique.
If you reward, they’ll reward.
If you praise, they’ll praise.
If you smile, they’ll smile.
You are the mirror.
They are a mirror.

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