Lawrence Fink’s Letter

Lawrence Fink doesn’t need good press.

When you’re the CEO of Blackrock—
a company managing $6 trillion in assets,
your top motive is not to land on the front page of the NYT.

So why would Fink send the following letter to all the CEOs in his portfolio?

I don’t believe it’s a leadership call to action;
I believe it’s a call for action portal into the future.

The next generation doesn’t simply vote with their dollars;
They wear their values on their sleeves.
They think guys who look like me are messing up their world.

So what does the next generation do?
They don’t take a job for the sake of the job.
They take a job that allows them to fix the world.

Are you currently calling the shots at your company?
Take a gander at Fink’s letter.

Safe is unsafe.
What’s in the way is the way.
Your Future Is Safe With Change.

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