Happiness is Planned

I founded my first creative agency when I was 29.
The year was 2004. We were 4 people out of a house.
The first five years, all four of us worked 6.5 days a week.
My motivating drivers were fear, freedom and stubbornness.

I didn’t just pick up the phone and have SOWs signed by PUMA, Google or Kraft Heinz. In fact, I ONLY worked on businesses you’ve never heard of.

I had a Business Card. While it said “Founder,” it also could have read, “Project Manager, Strategist, Business Development, Copywriter, Receptionist, and Trash-Taker-Outer.”

We said “Yes” a lot.
We did whatever was necessary to survive.
Print Ads. Collateral. Websites. Sales Sheets.

Life was a slog. A total grind that put me on a path to happiness.

It took us 6 years of working almost every day to land a brand you’ve heard of. Another 3 years of refining those now-developed skills to finally start working on household brands.

Do what makes you happy.
To me? This is a fallacy.

I prefer…
Design a life that can get you to happy.

That takes commitment, persistence, dedication, time, sweat, focus, talent and sacrifice.

What sacrifices do you need to make in 2022 to put you on your true path to happiness?

Make a list.
Check it twice.
Then get to it.


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