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Ryan Berman talks to thought leaders from around the globe in business, sports and entertainment to uncover what it means to be courageous in today’s world via The Courageous Podcast. Ryan Berman is an author, keynote speaker and the founder of Courageous; a create-the-change company that builds and leads Courage Brands®. Ryan has helped install courage in the stories and culture at Google, Kellogg’s Europe, charity: water, Major League Baseball, Snapchat, Johnson & Johnson, Cereal Partners Worldwide and US Ski & Snowboard. His book ‘Return on Courage’ shows how during these courage deficient times, courage is a competitive advantage for those leaders who choose to unlock it. Berman also has his own altruistic Courage Brand called Sock Problems: a sock company that “socks” different problems in the world.

The Courageous Podcast—Episode #1

Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides – Space travel, facing fear, and how to manage your thoughts.

Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides is a founding Astronaut at Virgin Galactic, the author of The New Right Stuff: Using Space to Bring Out the Best in You (, Co-founder of global Space party Yuri’s Night (, and the creator of SpaceKind leadership training (

In this episode we cover how Loretta became interested in space and space travel that led to her journey to become an astronaut. Her definition of courage and how she has approached fear in her life. The tools she utilizes to manage stress, daily life, and the internal conversations we all have. How to set a vision for yourself and execute it. Mother earth and the perspective we should all have when evaluating our own life, and life as a community on this special planet.

Enjoy getting a bit more insight on Loretta's journey, her book, and the space party - Yuri's Night.

Episode Notes:

7:00 - How Loretta became interested in space and becoming an astronaut

9:47 - Loretta's definition of courage

15:48 - Managing your thoughts

17:16 - Setting a vision and mission for yourself

21:41 - Earth as a living system and how we can all work together as a superorganism

23:26 - Emotional sobriety - journaling, meditation and getting outside

25:44 - Using prompts for stream of consciousness journaling

30:57 - Lessons to be learned from the pandemic

33:55 - How the space community thinks about time scale and geographical boundaries

36:00 - Covering Loretta's book - The New Right Stuff

40:38 - Yuri's Night - World space holiday

47:48 - Loretta's closing message (enriching life by marinating in uplifting, inspiring and motivating content)


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #2

Bracken Darrell (Logitech, CEO) – Staying hungry, Constant Experimentation, Business Haikus, Leading Courageously and The Inner rebel.

From wireless bluetooth earbuds to state-of-the-art webcams, powerhouse Logitech hosts 7000 employees and generates 2.8 billion in global revenue annually. Since 2013, at the helm of it all, has been the deep thinking Logitech Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bracken Darrell.

Bracken has ventured on quite the journey to Logitech’s top seat. Prior to his time in his current position, Bracken experienced an amalgamation of experiences steering many household brands at Procter & Gamble, Whirlpool and General Electric. His leadership style has inspired teams and rejuvenated iconic brands such as Old Spice, Gillette, Braun and KitchenAid.

Prior to starting his career with Arthur Anderson and PepsiCo, Bracken earned his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a B.A. degree in English from Hendrix College in Arkansas.

In this lively episode we run the gamut in our conversation. If you’re passionate about leadership, inspiration, maintaining a new comers mentality and the importance of communication, then you’re in for a treat.

Bracken also “let’s us in” while sharing a few stories of his childhood. We learn how that gave him a desire and drive to succeed in business along his path to the role of CEO.

Learn why “success" and “failure" need to get shown the door from your vocabulary. Gain insight on the importance of constant experimentation. Enjoy a definition on how time can be on your side especially when it comes to taking on life's novelties. Hear Bracken’s take on a few served up Business Haikus. And, finally, learn the importance of courageously embracing your inner rebel.

Episode Notes:

3:26 - Background of Bracken and growing up in Kentucky

5:00 - Where Bracken’s drive came from

6:30 - Transition from sports to leadership

7:14 - How consuming content can help with analogies in business

8:30 - Setting goals early to achieve success

10:00 - Why reporting doesn’t matter if you use influence

11:40 - Communicating is the key to developing trust

14:08 - How and why Bracken decided to fire himself

17:13 - Staying hungry

19:15 - Negative blessing

19:55 - Business Haiku’s

23:28 - Bracken’s definition of time

28:00 - How to get inspired

30:56 - OGSMT - Objectives, Goals, Strategy, Measures and Tactics

35:46 - On being yourself and embracing your inner rebel

38:16 - Bracken’s definition of courage


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #3

Landon Donovan: US Men’s National Team Soccer Legend, Manager of USL’s San Diego Loyal, Husband, Father of 3.

Donovan is a USA soccer legend, a Dad to three kids, and a coach to 26 athletes for the SD Loyal ( He has won six (6) MLS cups, is the all time leader in assists for the national team and MLS, and is tied with Clint Dempsey as the all-time leader in scoring for the U.S. national team. He is regarded as one of the greatest U.S. soccer players of all time.

We get a chance to relive the Algeria goal in 2010, the impact it had on soccer here in the states, the pressure of the moment, and the strategy to get to that goal.

He talks with us about creating an identity through soccer and how that filled his need for acceptance. What this did to him post professional soccer and how he came to grips with who he is as a human being. Landon shares how he found his next passion and the importance of trying new things to get to your “why” and define your personal purpose.

Learn how he got to the top level, the preparation needed to excel, and how training, travel and media affected his motivation. How he addresses fear and lives in the present. And what compassion can do for yourself and your relationships, especially when you coach, parent or lead a team.

Episode Notes:

1:27 - Landon’s tale of the tape

2:53 Landon’s life on Quarantine Standard Time

3:45 Landon’s “Selfless Phase”

6:26 Landon growing up

8:41 How Landon ranks in other sports

9:56 Landon’s rise from nowhere

12:24 U.S. scouting: bleak back in the day

12:59 Getting deep

13:59 Identity tied up in soccer

15:15 The hardships of Germany

16:15 Landon copes with the 2006 World Cup

18:25 How Landon stayed motivated

19:37 Landon’s key to coaching

21:12 What leaders can do better

22:46 Landon shares his purpose

25:02 Landon relives the “Algeria goal”

29:23 “In Search of Greatness” - documentary

30:42 Corner flag celebration

32:23 Landon’s take on fear

36:28 Landon’s new identity in life-after-soccer

37:32 Landon’s new challenge

40:32 Why are YOU here


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #4

Dhani Jones—Entertainer, NFL Player, philanthropist, businessman.

Dhani Jones is an American Entrepreneur and former NFL linebacker and Michigan Wolverine’s where he earned Big Ten honors in three straight seasons. He then spent eleven seasons in the NFL playing for the Giants, Bengals and Eagles after being drafted in the sixth round, the same year as Tom Brady. Dhani started a philanthropic endeavor, BowTie Cause (, where organizations come to raise awareness and support for specific causes. He also has jumped into the entertainment realm as the host of Travel Channel’s original series, Dhani Tackles the Globe and appears on CNBC’s Adventure Capitalists. Come hear about Dhani’s path to pro football and how his mom helped get him a chance at a scholarship at Michigan. The support he received from his community, and what it means to show up and do the work. We cover his “aha” moments from the NFL, advice he got from Michael Strahan, and what he learned when he got kicked out of practice. We also get into the current state of our community, America, and the fact that we’ve been forced to take a pause. Dhani speaks about our “moment to make a movement…”, how we face change, and the chance to recognize, regroup, and refocus. Finally, we close with Dhani’s definition of Opti-realism and living courageously through a life of intellect.

Episode Notes:

3:10 How many Dhani’s do you know?

6:48 Dhani & Berman meeting in the mean streets of Potomac, MD

8:26 Did Dhani’s dad really do that in high-school?

11:12 Dhani talks about the 3 influence football had on him

13:49 Dhani’s gifted genes - his mom + his dad

14:47 Dhani convinces Michigan to give him a scholarship

18:43 Dhani loves THE University of Michigan

19:52 Showing up + doing the work

21:27 Having people in your corner

23:34 Drafted in the sixth round with Tom Brady

23:57 Aha moments from the NFL

24:42 Michael Strahan’s advice

26:33 Getting kicked out of Bengals practice

27:25 None of us have been in a pressure situation

29:03 The forced “pause” in America

31:34 Is this is moment or a movement?

37:44 On facing change

40:00 Recognize. Regroup. Refocus.

41:41 What type of world does Dhani want for his son?

43:18 Dhani on Opti-realism

44:25 Live a courageous life of intellect


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #5

Emily Wolfe (Rockstar)—Finding courage on the path to sobriety, a live performance, getting emotion out of your instrument, inspiration, and finding creativity.

If Emily Wolfe 2.0 could time machine back to provide Emily Wolfe 1.0 with advice, what would she tell herself? We spent 45 minutes with Emily to discuss what life is like now as an Austin rocker where you can’t give live performances thanks to COVID. She takes us back to her fearful fight with alcoholism, the battle to overcome it and her original worries on if she would have creative flow coming out of it. We were also tickled with a live performance of “Atta Blues” — a soulful, sentimental sound that also happened to be the first song Emily wrote coming out of rehab. If her life was a movie, what would it be called and who would play her? What was the most courageous thing Emily has ever taken on in her life? What age did Emily start jamming and who on earth is “Big H”? We cover all that as well as what she would be doing if she couldn’t do music here on The Courageous Podcast.

Episode Notes:

2:34 - Emily Wolfe: "a frickin" rock star signed by Gibson

3:46 - When Did Emily Start Playing?

4:07 - Emily Define's Her Sound As A Threesome Between...

5:39 - Her 1st time playing Live: "Drummer's For Jesus"

8:50 - The Pain of Not Playing Live During A Pandemic

11:07 - Teenage Angst" Inspired Her To Write Her Own Music

13:17 - Emily Talks About The Twists of Her "Journeys"

15:07 - "Every Day is a Stepping Stone"

16:00 - There's No Easy Path

17:00 - "It's pretty mind blowing that I'm still here"

17:28 - Emily Opens Up About Her Battle with Alcohol

17:42 - The most courageous thing Emily has done: getting sober

20:15 - Spinning Your Brain: From Fight to a Different Light

21:55 - Playing is Her Remedy

22:45 - Emily's Conflict: Writing Sober

24:24 - “Atta Blues”: Emily's 1st song written sober

25:52 - If Emily today could give advice to Emily 1.0...

29:58 - Connecting is a Conflict: Quarantine

31:56 - LIVE PEFORMANCE: “Atta Blues”

35:56 - If she couldn't be in music for a living, she would...

38:03 - Who plays Emily in her movie...

40:05 - The importance of having good people around you

42:34 - Parting words


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #6

Tony Hsieh.

Courageous Podcast w/ Tony Hsieh
The intentional Tony Hsieh is the CEO of Zappos, a serial entrepreneur and the author of NY Times Best-Selling book Delivering Happiness. He also continues to push the envelope on creating intentional environments that inspire his teams while maximizing the potential of the Zappos workforce. In this episode of the Courageous Podcast, we time machine back to a time before Covid for an “in person” podcast recorded live at one of Tony’s latest new projects: Ferguson’s Downtown. Think Burning Man but for entrepreneurs as airstreams, motivated tenants, a Black Alpaca named Marley and Tony Hsieh himself all live together in a revitalization project just off the Las Vegas strip. We sat down with Tony, Tyler Williams (A Zappos Fungineer) and Jen Taler to discuss the future of work, the importance of curiosity in business and the “what’s next” at Zappos.


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #7

Michael Stahl (Servpro, CMO).

Michael Stahl is the freshly minted CMO of “disaster clean-up” company Servpro. On the job for a mere 3 weeks, a pandemic ensues. Unable to move to his soon-to-be-new Nashville home, Stahl had the courage on a Zoom leadership call to suggest Servpro devote focus and resources to develop a robust cleaning program for the purposes of mitigating the Covid crisis spreading across America. 18 days later, the “Certified Servpro Clean” program rolled out nationwide. We discuss what it was like for Michael to suggest this pivot, the reality that Michael had to win over a team he still hasn’t met in person and the necessary speed at which the company moved at to provide customers with a product they so desperately needed. If you ever wondered “why not you, why not now”, this is a must listen episode about jumping on a corporate opportunity and taking courageous action.

Episode Notes

Show Notes:

4:39 - ServPro's Time to shine (during Quarantine)

5:32 On the front line cleaning up the crisis

7:19Getting  Calls To Clean Up Covid

8:07 The Courage to Suggest a Pivot (6 weeks into his new job)

8:35 We Serve Up A Different Title For ServPro's CMO

9:27 Launching "Certified ServPro Clean"

10:29 With Covid, it isn't about what you can see; it's what you can't see

11:34 Attacking Covid with The 3Cs

12:30 The difference betwen 1) the emergency clean, 2) the proactive "reduce the spread of Covid" clean

14:05 Never Stop Listening

16:42 The Courageous Cleaning Teams In The Field

17:59 "This is a Villain You Can't See"

19:29 The importance of the C-Suite having opens lines of communication

19:47 This is Our Time

21:54  Did Michael Make Believers or Fake Believers?

24:07 The #1 Priority for  CEO's: Keeping physical premises safe

25:46 Building Internal Trust

33:19 Navigating United Healthcare

38:03 Why Not You. Why Not Now.

39:12 Putting what he calls "the trifecta" in play

40:07 Trifecta: Do Good Work. Get Compensated for doing so. Expand the brand (all at the same time).

42:57 Making the world a bit better -- especially when that means spending time away from your family.

44:54 Courage Breeds Courage


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #8

Brain Sherpa Dr. Nicholas Alp.

Dr. Nicholas Alp is the Brain Sherpa! With more than 65 peer-reviewed publications and books, and more than 25 years of clinical research experience, Nicholas has a keen understanding of what makes each of us tick. Nicholas — trained in medicine at London and Oxford Universities with a PhD in Immunology at Cambridge University — joined us from the UK and, in laymen terms, provided color on where our anxiety comes from. In these stressful Covid times, Nicholas thoughtfully shares why we often freeze (or flight) when we desperately wish we could muster up the means and courage to fight. If you ever wanted to know the inner workings of your wirings, this episode is for you.

Episode Notes

2:31 - Initial conversations about courage and evolution

4:30 - What's going on upstairs

5:06 - Nick's background

7:15 - Interest in mental health, human interaction, along with verbal and non-verbal communication

7:53 - Common human needs and desires that drive us

8:59 - To understand yourself you have to understand your mind

8:46 - apply a skill set to the goal set, but what about the mind set?

9:50 - Brains only do two things - receive and process information and then they make judgement's

10:57 - Is it good for me, is it going to harm me, do I like it?

12:03- within our brains is a history of life on earth

15:03 - Deep within our brains, we are nothing more than lizards

15:18 - We are survivors because we are able to recognize and respond to things that are dangerous to us

15:37 - recognize the creatures we are, what fear is for, and how valuable it's been...

15:57 - a lot of those innate fear responses are not always appropriate ...acute fear...turns into chronic anxiety

16:46 - short circuit reactions to get to a better place in our brains

18:08- we are not compelled or destine to respond to every internal stimulus we experience have ... create space between the sensation/ emotion...and our physical and mental response

18:48 - practice expanding "that" space

20:42 - bring your attention to something immediate and infinite your breath

21:39 - Cognitive biases - proximity, intensity, negativity, and confirmation

27:02 - we always have a choice...we must give ourselves space to make a mindful choice

28:09 - daily active practice

29:00 - states of mind and ways you can take action

29:07 - push our fear - understand it, name it, and face it head on

29:41 - find a way to love what you are doing

30:03 - To be grateful and to serve and give

33:17 - Need to belong and connect with other human beings

34:50 - who's on your team and who isn't

37:21 - neurogene's evolving

38:57 - freeze or flight

41:47 - standard operating procedure is nervousness

44:21 - Effective action = focus on the right thing to do, practice, and then persist

45:32 - Be kind to yourself

46:49 - Move your body and get your mind out of that static place

48:20 - Central courage system hack

50:13 - Kind, compassionate and curious

52:26 - Building brain fitness


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #9

Katie Babineau (Global Head of Marketing at Snap Inc).

Katie Babineau is the versatile Global Head of Marketing at Snap Inc where she currently helps Snap Labs think through innovation with a keen focus on the future of Augmented Reality. Katie shares her path from Sony to GoPro to Apple before giving us an inside peak on what life has been like — now celebrating her one year anniversary — at Snap. She shares the differences between here-and-now AR vs what AR may look like in the future, discusses the importance of staying curious, and gives us her take on Tik Tok. Finally, we discuss the not-so-augmented-reality of navigating work in a Covid world which grants her the opportunity of doing what she loves from a city that she loves: San Diego.

Episode Notes

2:35 - Getting The Band Back Together For One Podcast

5:00 - Describing her versatile roles to today

5:22 - Driven by curiosity and challenge

7:20 - Katie's Objective: Work on Global brands from San Diego

8:17 - Relationships matter

9:32 - Katie explains her time at GoPro

11:06 -Katie's "up and down" relationship with San Diego

13:57- Making the jump to Snap

15:20 - Snap: a leader in vertical content

17:06 - Gen Z  on Snap -- especially during Covid

18:29- Katie shares that Snap is driven by their values

19:10 - Snap values: Smart. Kind. Creative.

22:47 - Katie discusses Snap's current growth mode

24:15 - The perks of starting on the same day as your boss: Kenneth Mitchell

26:06 - What to do when you don't know...

27:09 - Having A Curious Mindset

28:15 - Good results are contagious

28:32 - It becomes a winning game

29:06 - What advice would Katie 3.0 give Katie 1.0?

30:51 - A mind shift: having a plan to staying present

31:43 - Working on a brand she believes is everything...

33:48 - Consumer's don't have time for marketing BS

34:50 - Katie discusses Tik Tok

37:26 - The business value of AR

39:03 - Leading with transparency


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #10

Scott Harrison (CEO of charity: water).

At the ripe age of 29, now CEO of charity: water Scott Harrison had been navigating the NYC nightlife (and all that came with it) as a prominent Nightclub promoter. Where many evenings included debauchery, notoriety and heavy drinking, Scott recalls himself feeling “spiritually and morally bankrupt”. A radical change was needed and a radical choice was made as Scott walked away from a life full of vice. Scott chose to enter an upside down world of what he knew — on the opposite side of the world — taking on a two year humanitarian medical operation in post war Liberia. While Scott was there, he saw many debilitating problems we take for granted in America. Scott shares how we grew more curious by a single daunting fact: 1.2 Billion people, at the time, who didn’t have access to clean drinking water. We cover a lot of ground in this episode including his trips to 69 countries, how Scott came face-to-face with a global water crisis and how he has now embarked on a relentless 14 year sojourn for the purposes of providing clean water to populations in need all around the globe. Enjoy.

Episode Notes

3:01 - A Pandemic Pivot: Moving to PA

6:24 - Radical Life Change On the Horizon

9:40 - Scott shares the upside down (life-changing) world of Liberia

12:20 - Walking Away From a Life Full of Vice

14:04 - Scott shares what he saw in Liberia

15:32 - A Challenge Was Posed to Scott

16:59 - "In the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing..."

18:20 - Scott shares how he threw a party to jumpstart his first Uganda wells

18:40 - Showing people where their money had gone

20:12 - "There was no business plan. We just tried stuff"

23:18 - We are inviting people to bring the best part of themselves to a party and we’re celebrating the ons together.

23:44 - Scott shares their monthly givers: The Spring

24:38 - "It's just a different party. It's a party that matters."

27:56 - Fundraising in a pandemic

28:00 - "Clean water is literally the first line of defense against Covid."

30:09 - The importance of clean water

33:33 - Scott discusses the cost of drilling a well...

35:32 - Working with partners to preserve, protect and maintain the wells.

37:15 - Scott shares the future of their tech: proactively servicing a well -- well before it breaks.

37:52 - Thirst: Scott Harrison's Book

40:13 - "Your past doesn't need to define your future"

42:34 - Advice to making change: this is the time

44:12 - Scott shares staggering remote work statistics...

46:16 - Scott shares what he is NOT motivated by: money

47:26 - "I'm not a very good manager"

50:09 - Get involved:


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #11

Jeff Boss (Navy SEAL).

Jeff Boss always knew he was called to do more. In fact, he not only wanted to jump out of planes and blow stuff up (his words), he sheerly wanted to be the very best. So when he graduated from college, he chose to take the path less traveled fully committing to the mettle of becoming an elite Navy SEAL. The BUD/S experience and elite training was anything but a smooth ride.  Jeff,  who now homes four Bronze Stars with valor and two Purple Hearts from his 13 year experience as a Navy SEAL, shared what he learned from serving with his trusted teammates in the treacherous field.  He shares many guiding leadership principals that listeners can apply today including the importance of putting the team first, facing the thing that scares you most and addressing the hardest conversations head on. Enjoy.

Episode Notes

3:22 - A battle that everyone fights within

5:08 - Wanted to jump out of planes and blow stuff up

5:22 - If I'm going to do it I wanted to be the best at it, and the SEALS are the best

6:17 - Had a laser focus 5-6 days a week for three years

7:30 - On BUDS...incredibly difficult physically, mentally, emotional.. but also the best time...

10:03 - Soul crushing and devastated to get rolled back...didn't know what I was going to do

11:04 - How much I learned about myself in that state of anguish, state of despair

11:14 - When I came back my pain threshold was through the roof...I came back more confident

13:28 - The priority start to think about yourself last

19:54 - Addressing issues head on

20:25 - We all heard each other, vented frustrations and were candid

21:30 - Feedback regardless of rank

22:05 - Becoming one unit

23:31 - How to get to trust in a group

25:35 - Difference between a group and a team

27:15 - Trust and respect in a team

29:48 - First thing you are scared of...tackle it
32:17 - Strategies for building trust

35:25- Separate emotion from the mission or task at hand
35:39 - Purpose is everything

37:39 - Courage is the bi-product of the purpose I am pursuing


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #12

Brandon Lloyd (Former Pro Bowl NFL Player)

Drafted in the 4th round of the 2003 NFL Draft, Brandon Lloyd didn’t think his Plan A would include becoming a Pro Bowl Wide Receiver, catching darts from Tom Brady or leading the league for a season in receiving yards. After 11 years playing in front of adoring fans (in SF, Washington, Chicago, Denver, St. Louis and New England), he now shares what life is like on the other side of the chalk. We cover a lot of ground in this podcast including what was important to Brandon’s family before football, what life was truly like behind the scenes in the NFL and how Brandon continues to work “in the now” to rebuild his identity after life in the NFL had concluded.

Episode Notes

06:36 - What Brandon is up to these days

08:00 - Transitioning teams

08:27 - Similarities between sports teams and corporate teams

09:39 - What Brandon misses about the NFL - the physicality, being the best, and preparation

09:45 - Vigorous exercise has been an outlet to prepare for my day and knock the edge off

10:46 - The last of 7 kids in the Lloyd family

12:16 - Grew up around a lot of loving people that were supportive

12:47  - Parents held me accountable

13:40  - A smart man learns from his mistakes, a stupid man never learns from his mistakes, and a wise man learns from other people's mistakes

16:01  - Just tell me what "don't" to do...

17:58  - The people we surround ourselves with is the greatest expressions of who we are

18:31 - Seeking continuous improvement

18:44 - How do I correct that?

19:19 - Humility was an underlying trait that was passed on to me

20:00 - Leaving school early and mom not being happy about the decision

24:11 - Owning up to promises and obligations

25:30 - Overcoming doubts

29:38 - Playing with Tom Brady - the perfect rotation

32:42 - Stepping up and becoming something

34:05 - Nothing was ever good enough...always wanted more

34:35 - An insatiable appetite always leaves you angry...never achieving enough or getting the desired result

34:53 - Tools: reading self help books and Eckhart Tolle, deconstructing the ego, hypnotherapy, applied kinesiology

36:25 - Improving myself personally and professionally, focusing on parenting, and staying present

38:00 - Learning from the experience in Washington

40:45 - Dialing in to mental health

41:21 - The right diet and the right mentality

42:18 - Not listening to the "mean" voice in your head

44:17 - Advice from Brandon 2.0

46:04 - The 2010 season

49:36 - The transition after football - "a major loss of identity"

51:34 - Understanding the tools gained and learned from football and applying them to new areas in life

54:22 - Raising two boys


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #13

Steve Wilhite (Former Apple Executive)

"I show up in a pair of old boat shoes, deck shoes, no socks. A dirty pair of jeans, a black T-shirt and a red ski jacket. I've flown down from Vancouver, from Whistler the night before. I haven't shaved. I didn't know I was interviewing obviously but when you get the call from Apple, you go. So that's how I interviewed for the job as the head of global marketing for Apple.”  Sage leader Steve Wilhite, who was interviewed and hired directly by Steve Jobs to run marketing at Apple, shares what it was like to work at an innovation-driven company. He also shares a few critical predictions about how leaders can inspire teams, lead themselves and navigate the realities of tomorrow.

Episode Notes

2:07 - Background on Steve

4:39 - Steve on his journey

5:25 - Brands with deep values that had the power to connect with people emotionally

7:26  - Absolute directionaless, needy, potential employee...up to my eyeballs in student debt

8:03  - Started at Lincoln Mercury division of Ford Motor Company

10:06 - The first time that I voluntarily left a job for unemployment

11:01 - The opportunities I was getting were not consistent with my expectations

14:57 - Didn't have a high level of enthusiasm or passion for the organizational structure - The way we were led, the way teams worked together.

16:47 - Golden handcuffs

17:05 - The good employees want to push things forward, they want to take risks, that are there working because they want to be working, because they are inspired...not because they have to be there

17:52 - Values alignment or violation of values

20:20 - A thirst for learning
20:24 - The greatest thing you can give your kids is curiosity

26:30 - You have to exposure yourself to broader ideas

28:47 - The CMO role. Have a whole bunch of people waiting for you to fail...

29:05 - So easy to get too myopic, too conservative...

29:15 - Give people the confidence and the courage to behave more adventurously

30:05 - "aircover"

32:33 - The world is full of managers...the world is not full of leaders

32:25 - The manager administers. The leader innovates.  The manager maintains.  The leader develops. The manager relies on systems. The leader relies on people.  The manger counts on controls.  The leader counts on trust.  The manager does things right. The leader does the right thing.

34:42 - We should be pushing for something extraordinary that connects people, that  inspires people.

42:08 - Probably never been a time more important for courageous leadership - develop a clear lead people forward in an intelligent, unfrightened, confident way

43:31 - Steve Jobs

45:02 - He was admired but also kinda terrifying

45:56 - Apple had very clear aspirational values...and [Steve} expected the people that worked with understand and embrace those values

46:28 - Was not bashful about telling anyone that they are full of sh*t

48:12 - He desperately needed people that would tell him he was wrong

49:31 - Every conversation has an impact

50:46 - I'm very proud of the advocates and relationships I've built.  I'm equally proud of the enemies I've created.


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #14

Jaelin Kauf (US Ski and Snowboarding)

Get ready for some serious airtime as we get up, close and personal with US Ski & Snowboarding Athlete and current #2 Freestyle Mogul Skier in the world Jaelin Kauf. Jaelin, with the goal of becoming the globe's best female Freestyle skier, shares her action packed story of growing up on the mountain in a family of competitive skiers. We cover a lot of snow in this episode including her recent experience competing for Team USA at the PyeongChang Olympics as well as he current commitment, passion and fire to make it to the top of the podium in the 2022 Winter Olympics being hosted in Beijing.


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #15

Katie Decker (Global President of Johnson & Johnson)

Protests. Pandemics. Paralysis. If you’re like many, perhaps you feel your company isn’t doing enough to the right the wrong’s you’re currently witnessing in the news. This week on the Courageous Podcast we're joined by the approachable Global President of Johnson & Johnson’s Essential Health and Sustainability Katie Decker. Katie has been a champion at J&J in overseeing baby, oral, hair care and wound while powering new initiatives such as sustainability, purpose and Diversity & Inclusion. If she can make change (with her teammates) in a behemoth like J&J, so can all of us. Katie will share a few of the hard conversations their team took on over the course of the last year as well as their commitment to listening to their staff for the purposes of  creating real change.

Episode Notes

00:02:22 - Meet Katie Decker: Global President of J&J's Essential Health

00:05:32 - How Katie Juggles The J&J Portfolio

00:06:27 - "The Most Uncomfortable Role I've Even Been In Is The One I'm In Right Now"

00:08:32 - Moving Off Old Ways of Doing Business

00:08:42 - "This Massive Leap of Faith Over The Last Year"

00:10:19 - J&J's Commitment to Consumer Health

00:11:01 - Serving a Billion Consumers Daily

00:12:32 - Katie Shares Her Time Allocation Between Essential Health, Sustainability & D&E&I

00:14:31 - The importance of belief

00:16:05 - Eating The Corporate Elephant

00:17:16 - The Impact of George Floyd at J&J

00:19:49 - J&J's Current Undertaking to Better Understand Systemic Racism

00:22:48 - Berman share's launching "" as a white man

00:23:26 - "You feel like you're going to say the wrong thing".

00:28:41 - Creating belief starts with data

00:31:08 - "We get up everyday to make people's lives healthier"

00:31:31 - Health of people + Health of the planet

00:32:43 - J&J's 800M commitment/investment in sustainability

00:37:21 - Was J&J the first purpose based company?

00:38:34 - J&J's Credo Recently Modernized

00:39:07 - Katie's response to Business Haiku's

00:41:01- Is status quo ever a good thing?

00:43:47 - Katie shares her exchange with imposter syndrome

00:48:16 - Next Week's Episode: A Real Live Superhero Ricky Mena


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #16

Ricky Mena (Superhero)

Amongst us are living, breathing heroes who have not only found their true calling, but are putting their purpose into action. This week on the Courageous Podcast, we are joined by “a real-live” superhero in Ricky Mena who is the founder of Ricky is committed to bringing positivity and smiles to children facing life-threatening illnesses, disabilities and more. The way he does so is by dressing up as Spiderman for his visits. We’ll learn how Spiderman came to be, how Ricky had his own courageous fight with PTSD and how he overcame it all for a higher mission.


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #17

Geoff Cottrill (Marketer)

"You're going to fire me one day. I want this to be the thing you’re going to fire me for."  From Coke to Converse, master story teller Geoff Cottrill has the resume of marketing royalty but the humility and humbleness to stay himself. He is a self proclaimed “serial marketer who hates the way we’re supposed to do marketing”.  As Geoff attests, no consumer wakes up in the morning just excited about an ad launch.  So how do we rethink the way we go about listening, connecting and treating consumers vs assuming they’re ok with us interrupting their stream, mobile phone or day. Geoff shares why he is incredible passionate about the consumer -- and making sure there’s both mutual respect and their voice (front and center) in the board room.  Geoff also ranks his courageousness in each job along the journey, shares the decision for Coke to bring back “New Coke” via Stranger Things and, finally, the importance of speaking up, keeping it personal and not being afraid to “go all the way”.

Episode Notes

4:34 - Life long serial marketer who hates the way we're supposed to do marketing

5:07 - His two daughters: a Producer and a Musician

6:46 - "I hate lazy marketing"

8:15 - Marketers often wake up in the morning assuming people care what you have to say

9:44 - Geoff shares "the twofold" job of the marketer

11:44 - The pain of Covid advertising

13:47 - Incredible passionate about the consumer -- and making sure their voice is considered

14:12 - People confuse growth for a goal: growth is a result.

15:21 - Geoff's internal empty chair exercise

17:11 - The importance of being good to people.

18:20 - The fallacy of heritage (when the consumer doesn't care)

20:31 - Hard to keep continuity on big brands today because players come and go

20:51 - New P in marketing = Personal

23:31 - Talking at consumers vs Communicating with consumers

27:10 - Stranger Things amplifies "New Coke" -- the decision for Coke to say "yes"

28:40 - "This is a new coca cola company"

29:06 - 3B PR Impressions from Stranger Things partnership

31:08 - Know Going In You Are Going To Get Fired: What gives you the courage to take shots

32:30 - Geoff's interview with Mike Wilsky.

33:27 - "Have you ever gone all the way" - Interview question, Mike Wilskey (Nike)

34:51 - "You're going to fire me one day. I actually want this to be the thing you fire me for."

35:43 - The importance of going for it

38:23 - Geoff explains the "what's the catch" no catch...catch.

41:05 - "I try to surround myself with ridiculously creative people and see what happens."

42:18 - The power of music in their family: his wife and his two daughters

44:31 - Geoff's new role sitting on a few Boards

48:06 - Geoff explains a meeting at Coke when he was new and didn't say anything (but should have)


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #18

Johanna Maska (President Obama’s former Press Advance)

What happens when you grow up in Kansas in a family of Republicans only to end up as the lone Democrat in your family? This is the story of Johanna Maska who went on to become President Obama’s former Press Advance; traveling to 42 countries with the President. Fast forward to today, as election week arrives, Johanna, now CEO of public affairs firm Global Situation Room, discusses the polarizing state of America, the overwhelming finger pointing in Washington DC and the tribal party mentality we’re experiencing between “red” states vs “blue” states. We discuss the differences between policy and politics, if (sadly) a Civil War is coming and the importance of leadership in the White House. Finally, we imagine what a conversation might be like for Johanna back in Kansas a few days before the election at a family reunion.

Episode Notes

3:58 - The Polarized State of America

4:17 - Johanna shared her conservative roots

5:28 - How far apart are the "red" and the "blue"?

7:14 - Is a Civil War coming?

8:33 - Her Dad's distaste with Johanna registering as a Democrat

9:31 - Johanna's path to politics

10:56 - the importance of global thought leadership without degrading economic leadership

13:49 - the power of good leadership in politics

15:16 - Social media has further divided us

16:38 - Where's our third party?

19:38 - Calling out the bs on both sides of the aisle

19:53 - Trump calling out blue states from the podium

21:50 - Why she worked for Obama

22:02 - Entrepreneurism is America's superpower.

23:09 - Mom's advice: "Get a job with health insurance"

24:36 - The difference between policy and politics

27:09 - judging leadership not be leadership but by party affiliation

28:50 - Seeing the country from the shoes of the other party

31:29 - The need for Brands to have more conviction

35:01 - Voting for the lesser of the evils

35:30 - RIP RBG

37:32 - Making a difference starts locally

43:21 - Johanna recalls the power of Hope during the Obama years

46:56 - China is playing the long game

49:27 - Our system isn't keeping up with the times

52:21 - How does politics stay up with the advancements in the rest of the world?

53:59 - Getting back to the basics

55:53 - Blockchain voting

57:06 - Johanna's conversation at the family reunion in Kansas


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #19

Jay Baer (Hall of Fame keynote speaker)

Jay Baer is a 7th generation entrepreneur, the author of 6 profound best-selling business books, a world renown Hall of Fame keynote speaker and the CEO of social media strategic firm Convince & Convert. We cover a lot of ground in this episode including Jay’s thoughts on “hustle culture”, his reasoning for scribing his latest book about WOM “Talk Triggers” and a delightful deconstruction for making CX (Customer Experience) digestible and successful for his clients. Jay also shares what he does and doesn't miss about the keynote stage and the importance of word of mouth — even though less than 1% of companies have a sound word of mouth strategy.

Episode Notes

2:31 - A weird time for a world renowned keynote speaker

4:11 - Do business travelers really do their best work on a plane?

5:35 - Who is Convince & Convert

6:53 - The shift to virtual keynotes and the investment in equipment.

8:01 - Jay is a 7th Generation Entrepreneur

8:47 - Jay shares his haunting 8 year gap between wanting to be an Entrepreneur and when he finally leaped

10:34 - Jay shares his process for overcoming what he was afraid of.

13:28 - Jay shares "you do you" during Covid

15:08 - Jay shares his latest book, "Talk Triggers"

15:26 - THIS COULD BE THE OPEN. Less than 1% have a Word of Mouth strategy

18:38 - 23 case studies in "Talk Triggers".

20:35 - Discussing aided and unaided ways to track WOM

21:25 - Search Engines for Bentley: High, Search Engines for Bentley dealer: Extremely Low

22:36 - Jay has written 6 books. He shares how he pressure tests book topics.

24:57 - Does Jay have a favorite of his 6 books?

26:46 - Jay shares his process to dissecting a client's hardest questions.

29:48 - Jay predicts what life will be like 90 Days from now

30:20 - What Jay does and doesn't miss about the keynote stage

31:54 - Jay shares the stress of being on the road all the time

36:16 - Jay shares one of the best pieces of feedback that helped him prepare for the keynote stage

38:18 - Every Jeep has an easter egg on the vehicle

41:14 - Staying curious of "what's out there"

41:24 - "When I notice a pattern, I'll start picking at it."

41:50 - 71% of Customer Experience Fail to Deliver ROI

42:58 - CX: be quick, be clear, be kind

46:24 - What does Jay see himself as first: a speaker? A strategist?  Something else?

49:38 - Jay shares he's "only" good at two things: 1) seeing patterns and translating them, 2) judging talent

51:05 - What is Jay afraid of?


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #20

James Brennan (Serial Entrepreneur)

James Brennan is a fighter. Whether it was fighting an early stage business, sobriety or a new vertical, James has transformed into a risk-taking, serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Enlightened Brand Ventures. His company hosts a portfolio of businesses that includes Suja, Original Grain, Dizzle, Kopari and a handful of successful hospitality/nightlife ventures. When it comes to addressing the ups, downs and everything in between, Brennan courageously opens up and tells all. Learn how James put himself in uncomfortable moments so others around him could live comfortably. How he believes you can play to win without having a loser on the other side. And, finally, how some times in life you have to go through hard times to get to the good stuff on the other side. For anyone looking to take on Entrepreneurship, James shares the pitfalls, pivots and prosperity that come with the space on this episode of The Courageous Podcast.

Episode Notes

3:31- James Brennan's Yankee Teeshirt

3:48 - Growing up in NYC

4:54 - College in San Diego. "I fell in love with the city and the the people."

7:15 - Growing up in NY "grows you up quick"

8:39 - James shares a "Street Smart" NY moment

12:41 - Make my kids aware of the job creation that comes with the job

15:06 - "First of all, I'm a risk taker."

16:52 - James talks about his 2009; a potential BK moment.

18:59 - "I'll make my bet and if I'm wrong I'm wrong."

24:32 - "Every job has its risk factors"

30:37 - James shares the pivots from night life to others verticals

31:40 - James involvement in Suja started with his wife's Suja habit

35:05 - "Courage is the bedrock root of sobriety"

35:37 - "I definitely believe there are entrepreneurs that are born."

36:38 - James talks about the courage needed to take the leap.

38:17 - Providing advice for up and coming entrepreneurs...

38:52 - Turn the news off

40:45 - Evaluate and re-evaluate everything

44:58 - Authenticity Over Everything

46:44 - No greater high for James than helping other people


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #21

Eric Ryan (co-founder of Method Soap)

"I sex up boring things that are part of everyday life. And I try to do it in a way that gives it scale fast.” How is it that a guy that wasn’t passionate about cleaning his own dishes found his way into becoming the co-founder of Method soap; a brand that today does 150 million annually at Target? Eric Ryan is a serial entrepreneur and a masterful business builder who has co-founded Method Soap, Olly and, most recently, Welly. Eric has made a career in finding opportunities to unlock in commodity arenas and he shares his secret for doing so. Eric also discusses his artist/operator model, his passionate take on the power of design and how his start in advertising as a strategist set him up on a path to best understand the nuance and needs of the consumer. If you are a creative business leader who would be bored if you weren’t learning and growing, and if you wanted to hear a few life-after-Covid “we’ll never go back” moments for Eric's companies, enjoy this new episode of The Courageous Podcast.

Episode Notes

1:32 - Quarantine Back In March Felt Like a Holiday; Not so much now

2:35 - Does he take pride in his advertising roots? Or does he run from that identity?

4:15 - Eric explains being in his 20's when he started Method

5:15 - Eric shares his two hiring rules back at Method

7:18 - Eric discusses the 3 separate cultures he's currently part of

8:40 - Finding those little ways to keep the team feeling unified

9:40 - Eric explains the "All Welly Wednesday" Zoom call

11:26 - We get Eric's response to a few Business Haiku's

12:21 - Covid was an accelerator to a new world and a new way of working

14:52 - The reality of imposter syndrome

17:38 - How Eric goes about testing his business ideas

19:09 - Creating little steps of confidence at a time

20:07 - Eric shares how he starts by looking at categories that are ripe for disruption

22:25 - "I sex up boring things that are part of everyday life. And I do it in a way that gives it scale fast. And that’s the Target partnership which really helps with that.”

23:57 - Their first meeting with Target: "It's a Snowball's Chance In Hell."

25:15 - "Any success story has an element of luck to it..."

26:12 - Eric raves about the creative leadership he sees at Target

28:48 - "Products are just the souvenir of the culture."

30:15 - Eric shares his artist and operator model

31:31 - Creating the space for the artist and the operator to work really well together.

32:48 - Does Eric see himself as the Artist? The Operator? Or something else?

35:18 - We get into the creation of Welly

36:23 - The differences between Eric's time on Method, Olly and Welly.

38:53 - The importance of learning and growing

40:38 - Trying to create space during the pandemic to think

42:18 - Eric shares a few life-after-Covid "we'll never go back" moments for his companies.

43:15 - "I believe in the slow hunch."

43:46 - "I need all the legos in the room again"

45:14 - Eric explains how he is a product guy: Culture first, Product second. Sales and marketing will follow.

47:39 - Discussing "Play Culture"

48:40 - Building brands is like putting on a play

50:11 - Method value: What would MacGyver do?

50:50 - Does Eric run his ideas by his kids?

52:32 - Eric has his next two company names ready to go...

53:16 - "If you're not growing you're dying"


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #22

Bryant Brennan (Peloton) + Jason Harris (Mekanism)

"If you don't believe in what you're doing, the results aren't going to be good. They might be ok. But they’re not going to go beyond.” Bryant Brennan is the SVP of Global Creative at Peloton overseeing a team of 100 responsible for consumer and member experience. Jason Harris is the author of The Soulful Art of Persuasion and the CEO of creative advertising agency Mekanism. Together, the two organizations have been working over the last 4 years to bring forward the soul of the Peloton brand to an adoring community. In this episode, we discuss how Peloton today is made up of multiple businesses in one (fitness, self-improvement, tech), the investment Peloton has made in working with Emmy award-winning Producers and the overall hybrid working relationship between the Mekanism and Peloton team. If you wanted a behind-the-scenes look at what drives Peloton, their new partnership with Beyonce and the importance of both organizations leading through their ethos, take a listen.

Episode Notes

3:41 - Jason Harris shares some background on Mekanism

5:10 - Bryant Brennan discusses the role his team plays at Peloton

6:07 - What business is Peloton in? Fitness? Self Improvement? Tech?

7:44 - Peloton's investment in Emmy-winning producers to make the class experience top notch for members.

9:23 - We discuss the freedom the Instructors have designing their rides

11:09 - Jason discusses the beginning of the Mekanism + Peloton partnership

12:07- Jason discusses the importance of the growing Peloton community

12:28 - Peloton internal ethos: members first

13:47 - Jason shares how important culture was to the creation of Mekanism

15:44 - The future of brand-agency relationship is happening now with Peloton-Mekanism.

17:32 - Bryant shares, "There's a lot of confidence in what Mekanism brings to the table in how we collaborate together."

18:45 - Bryant shares the importance of having a creative partner integrated in all facets of the business right down to the KPIs.

20:35 - Jason discusses the impact of Covid and the urgent importance of performance marketing today

21:10 - As the soul guy, does Jason worry if we're going to lose soul in the work because of performance analytics.

23:23 - Bryant talks about the need to embed creative leadership across the teams

24:07 - Bryant: "A community built around community, performance has to have soul to it."

27:44 - Jason shares the pivot to feature real stories of the Peloton community

29:58 - How Peloton uses other platforms like Facebook to grow the community

31:52 - Bryant discusses the Beyonce partnership

33:24 - What's the most courageous move each has seen at their organizations

35:59 - Bryant shares a personal moment of courage

38:07 - Jason shares a moment of courage for Mekanism with Obama/Biden campaign

40:00 - Jason shares how writing his book was a time he needed courage

41:03 - "Anytime you do something and you put yourself out there, you have to step off the ledge. And it's scary" - Jason Harris

42:14 - Bryant and Jason's respond to 3 Business Haikus.

46:25 - "Culture trumps currency. If you invest in culture, profit will come." - Jason Harris

47:56 - "If you don't believe in what you're doing, the results aren't going to be good." - Bryant Brennan


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #23

Ryan Hogan (CEO, Hunt A Killer)

Escape rooms are all the rage. But how to make them scalable? Enter serial entrepreneur Ryan Hogan who is the Co-founder and CEO of Hunt A Killer, an innovative gaming company that delivers clues, items and correspondence to your doorstep that creates an interactive and immersive story for its Members. Hunt A Killer received the honor of ranking No. 6 on Inc. Magazine’s 5000 list of fastest growing privately-held companies in the U.S. in 2020. To date, Ryan and his team have shipped over two-million episodes, surpassed 100,000 subscribers, and has doubled revenue year over year without outside investors, with continued growth expected. In this episode of the Courageous Podcast, we go to town walking through the many pivots Hogan had to embark on in his business lifetime. Ryan also shares the common thread he sees from each of his previous ventures to his current success. Finally, Ryan gives amazing advice to any entrepreneur trying to find their way navigating this uncertain business in the world.

Episode Notes

3:55 - Serial entrepreneurism, the Navy and new cities

5:42 - Perseverance and getting through adversity.

7:39 - Don't get lost in the plan

7:47 - "Business plans are crap..especially in a start-up.  Day 1 your plan changes..."

7:58 - "My philosophy is LAUNCH...something to get started and get feedback"

9:58 - Only had one partner through my successful ventures...a lifelong friend

10:16 - I look for two things in a founder...TRUST...and...BALANCE.

12:24 - We all face fear and risks when starting something new...use the wins to build confidence no matter how small

15:41 - If this doesn't work, that's ok...part of beating back that fear

15:56 - Have the confidence that if everything'll be ok.  There is something else you can do!

17:12 - First lesson of if you build it...they DON'T come

19:05 - The evolution of an idea based on a failed one...

19:49 - Creating immersive experiences

20:09 - It's all about the pivots

20:23 - Went from exploding to imploding...learning entrepreneurism while scaling a company

23:33 - Firm believer in the LEAN startup

25:03 - Passionate about bringing people together

26:38 - We've been struck by lightning twice

27:09 - Must understand the key indicators of your business and the leading NOT lagging indicators

27:21 - Getting the right people in the right places is key

27:47 - Always hiring for what we need next, today.  Helps us get where we are going. If you hire the right people it comes back.

29:47 - Hunt a Killer...we have to make it feel real...we create a universe for you to experience

34:40 - What keeps me up at night is the unknowns

35:20 - Partnership with Lionsgate

35:27 - 3 pronged strategy - diversification of distribution, intellectual property, new genres

38:10 - The move to digital distribution

39:29 - Take some big swings every year

39:58 - Getting others to believe what you believe - genuinity, excitement, authenticity

40:44 - Team building kits for companies42:40:17 - Atrophy could keep us from achieving our goals - need to constantly challenge our own thoughts, biases, and ideas

44:04 - Two big things in entrepreneurism- just start and don't let your attachment to the initial idea get in your way


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #24

Nev Schulman (Catfish, Dancing With the Stars)

A decade ago the world was introduced to Nev Schulman when we learned his online romantic relationship with a young woman on Facebook turned out to be with someone who had created a deceptive, fake social media profile. Thus the concept of Catfishing was born. A Sundance Film Festival documentary and 8 MTV seasons later, Nev Schulman continues to travel America helping guests encounter the truth and lies of online dating. On this episode of The Courageous Podcast, we discuss what information Nev receives prior to interacting with guests, what new doors might present themselves after Nev’s recent success on Dancing With the Stars and whether or not Nev sees his journey as courageous — or something else.

Episode Notes

4:55 - The Baja 1000 and how Berman meet Nev

6:36 - Van Neistat and the party starters

7:45 - Photojournalism and dancing

8:43 - The 10 year anniversary of Catfish the documentary

9:33 - How the documentary came to life

10:27 - The start of point and shoot content

11:40 - The process of finding out the truth...and filming it

13:31 - "Empathy didn't come naturally for me...most of my actions are motivated by selfishness"

14:37 - New York city upbringing has conditioned me to be head-strong, impulsive, and say yes to things...very little room for time and hesitation as a New Yorker

15:12 - That's my operating system...absolute efficiency

15:56 - "I'd never come face to face with a person who's experience was so different from mine...almost incomprehensibly difficult."

17:29 - "I got reinvented as a 27 year old by that experience and the film of that experience...I had to back into that and learn to be a more compassionate and empathetic person"

18:56 - The most meaningful takeaway for the people who come on the they feel as though they have been seen and heard..and think about themselves for the first time...

21:05 - How Catfish gets guests to come on the show

23:46 - "everyone says, they need closure..."

24:32 - Dancing with the Stars experience

28:32 - "Felt great to close the chapter and open a new one on my love and passion for dance..."

28:52 - Pivoting in Hollywood is difficult...reinvention

33:13 - "I don't think people come on the show seeking the truth...they know deep down what is happening...they need this experience to finally free themselves from this relationship they know isn't good for them.."

34:11 - Forced to confront a scary truth...the person they are in love with is lying to them.

34:39 - Technology and this generation

34:52 - "Everyone has become so public...everything has become so easy to access and share...very little privacy in the world today..."

35:31 - "People are looking for a tiny little pocket of life they can escape into that doesn't show up in anyone's news feed"

37:29 - Selfish gets a bad rap.  What if selfishness is nothing more than you have total clarity of what you like?

38:09 - 3 words to describe Nev

40:35 - "I want to do things that make me happy and feel good"

41:42 - Part of what makes me, me and what makes me successful is this weird tunnel vision focus I have for things

42:56 - "You have a good thing and you kinda want to let it keep going..."

44:38 - Learning how to make decisions that now involve and affect my family is scary and tough

45:14 - "It doesn't have to be perfect."

45:41 - "Better to have done that, than not"


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #25

Tony McAleer (Founder, The Cure For Hate)

“That’s what you did. Not who you are.” Hurt people hurt people. This is the story of Tony McAleer, a former neofascist and White Supremacist, who mustered the courage to leave behind a tribe of violent extremists with a new quest of fighting hate. First, Tony had to encounter his own personal demons, fear of loneliness and, as he calls it, make up of toxic shame. Today, Tony is an international speaker, a father of two and the founder of The Cure For Hate. While his life’s mission is to help people leave hate groups, we spent the majority of our time discussing his own journey to eject himself from his last life. One moment of irony? His path to face himself went through a guiding therapist who happened to be Jewish. Tony shares his upbringing as “little Tony”, his eye opening trip to an Auschwitz concentration camp, and his committed quest to bring radical compassion to people who need it most.

Episode Notes

3:21 - Tony shares his last company: Life After Hate

4:07 - Tony spent 15 years in the movement

4:37 - Tony didn't grow up in a broken family

5:41 - "The world happens to us and we learn it's not so safe to be open."

8:19 - Tony talks about the coldness of his private school experience

9:35 - Tony talks about the choices he made that harmed other people and himself.

11:32 - Tony shares how the birth of his child changed him.

13:33 - The journey to self acceptance

15:29 - Tony shares his necessary break away from an extreme group

16:09 - Tony as a single parent in the 90s

16:19 - Tony discusses why people really join a hate group

17:38 - Voids filled: Brotherhood.  Love. Toughness.

19:52 - Tony shares where he turned after 15 years in the movement

21:44 - Tony walks us through his first ever counseling session

25:28 - "Compassion is the antidote to shame."

26:09 - The explanation of "toxic shame"

27:45 - "Suicide is the ultimate internal toxic shame. Murder is the ultimate external toxic shame."

28:48 - Tony shares the importance of dealing with our pasts

28:58 - "Healthy shame is, 'I did bad'. Toxic shame is, 'I am bad.'

31:21 - Shame is at the root of bullying. Shame is at the root of addiction.

33:32 - turn arounds happen with compassion

34:37 - The importance of living in alignment with "Little Tony".

38:55 - Radical compassion and the need to address what's beyond our comfort zone

41:23 - Breaking that cycle of playing a role

47:13 - "When I was in Holocaust denial, I was incapable of feeling."

47:28 - Tony shares what it was like to feel the energy of  Concentration Camps.

50:11 - Tony coming to terms with the deepest level of his shadow

50:37 - Tony confesses IF he would changed sooner if he visited the Concentration Camps in his 20s.

52:41 - Tony's book:  "A Cure For Hate"


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #26

Brandon Farbstein (Gen Z Activist)

On this episode of The Courageous Podcast, we’ll be joined by 21 year old world changer, inspirational speaker and Gen Z Activist Brandon Farbstein who is one of just 89 people in the world diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism. We discuss what life is like standing in the shoes of 3 foot 9 Brandon, how he uses his platform for good and his fight to help others on their battles of self acceptance. Brandon also shares some of his darkest days being bullied and how he turned that part of his life into his life’s mission. Join us as we see first hand the differences between a disability and debilitation. Brandon is living proof.

Episode Notes

3:09 - How Brandon and Berman first met

3:48 - Brandon's background - GenZ activist, speaker, political activist, and influencer

3:57 - One of 84 people in medical history diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism called metatropic dysplasia

4:36 - Turning point at age 11 when I was close to ending my life...tired of the suffering

5:52 - Opportunity to share my story for the first time through TedX

6:06 - First time I was vulnerable and authentic...through this experience I found my purpose and mission in life at age 15

8:16 - We all experience the same emotions, that's what it means to be a human being

10:22 - Finding someone to open up to, be comfortable, and feel seen and heard

11:33 - Standing in my own way with my thoughts

13:01 - Looking back, I wish I could have given myself more empathy

15:02 - The process of writing Ten Feet Tall

16:45 - Strategies to push through and keep going

18:09 - Imposter syndrome

20:01 - How did I unpack that anger and release it?...through personal development and control of my own thoughts

20:58 - Hurt people.  Hurt people.

24:05 - Passing laws to support education on empathy and EQ

27:11 - Proactively address bullying and focus on mental health

31:52 - Understanding that it is totally ok to be different

32:03 - Authenticity is a super power

33:27 - Dealing with depression

34:41 - The pandemic of loneliness

35:05 - Depression causes you to disconnect and make you feel like you are all alone, trapped...if you see someone in crisis or a dark place the most important thing you can do is offer support

36:11 - Remind those that we love the most that they are not alone - even when they appear to be thriving

37:18 - Self care is not a privilege anymore, it's a priority

37:51 - Taking care of and elevating your emotional, mental and spiritual well being has never been more vital

38:13 - Give the gift to yourself and you will give it to those around you - you will show up as a better leader

38:54 - Disability doesn't mean debilitated

41:23 - What's next - D.C.

42:14 - In the moments of adversity and struggle, we grow the most


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #26

Brandon Farbstein (Gen Z Activist)

On this episode of The Courageous Podcast, we’ll be joined by 21 year old world changer, inspirational speaker and Gen Z Activist Brandon Farbstein who is one of just 89 people in the world diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism. We discuss what life is like standing in the shoes of 3 foot 9 Brandon, how he uses his platform for good and his fight to help others on their battles of self acceptance. Brandon also shares some of his darkest days being bullied and how he turned that part of his life into his life’s mission. Join us as we see first hand the differences between a disability and debilitation. Brandon is living proof.

Episode Notes

3:09 - How Brandon and Berman first met

3:48 - Brandon's background - GenZ activist, speaker, political activist, and influencer

3:57 - One of 84 people in medical history diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism called metatropic dysplasia

4:36 - Turning point at age 11 when I was close to ending my life...tired of the suffering

5:52 - Opportunity to share my story for the first time through TedX

6:06 - First time I was vulnerable and authentic...through this experience I found my purpose and mission in life at age 15

8:16 - We all experience the same emotions, that's what it means to be a human being

10:22 - Finding someone to open up to, be comfortable, and feel seen and heard

11:33 - Standing in my own way with my thoughts

13:01 - Looking back, I wish I could have given myself more empathy

15:02 - The process of writing Ten Feet Tall

16:45 - Strategies to push through and keep going

18:09 - Imposter syndrome

20:01 - How did I unpack that anger and release it?...through personal development and control of my own thoughts

20:58 - Hurt people.  Hurt people.

24:05 - Passing laws to support education on empathy and EQ

27:11 - Proactively address bullying and focus on mental health

31:52 - Understanding that it is totally ok to be different

32:03 - Authenticity is a super power

33:27 - Dealing with depression

34:41 - The pandemic of loneliness

35:05 - Depression causes you to disconnect and make you feel like you are all alone, trapped...if you see someone in crisis or a dark place the most important thing you can do is offer support

36:11 - Remind those that we love the most that they are not alone - even when they appear to be thriving

37:18 - Self care is not a privilege anymore, it's a priority

37:51 - Taking care of and elevating your emotional, mental and spiritual well being has never been more vital

38:13 - Give the gift to yourself and you will give it to those around you - you will show up as a better leader

38:54 - Disability doesn't mean debilitated

41:23 - What's next - D.C.

42:14 - In the moments of adversity and struggle, we grow the most


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #27

Sam Saliba (Instagram)

How does a guy who studied economics and analytics end up on a whirlwind marketing tour at Lucas Films, Intel, Ubisoft, Facebook, Adobe, Facebook and now Instagram? Sam Saliba, a global leader of Marketing at Instagram, shares there was no method to his madness as he designed his successful sojourn of a career. Looking back at it all, Sam admits each job experience has felt like a building block that nudged him towards his current work adventure. In this episode of The Courageous Podcast, we discuss the colossal difference between risk mitigation and risk navigation as Sam shares where his knack for risk-taking came from. He also provides three critical pieces of advice for anyone looking to get ahead in their careers, some tips for those creators looking to get ahead on Instagram and what he looks for when assessing his side gig: being an early stage investor.

Episode Notes

3:22 - Sam shares his work path from gaming to big tech.

3:52 - Sharing Instagram's latest campaign, "We Make Today"

5:26 - Sam shares his time in Product Marketing at Facebook.

6:31 - Sam's intention through it all: stay in the Bay area.

08:04 - Sam talks about working for creative-led Lucas Films.

9:34 - Thompson shares some Warren Buffett advice

10:58 - The power of working for a great leader

12:13 - If Sam could only pick one boss from previous bosses who would he pick...

14:44 - Sam shares 3 big learnings we can all take forward into our jobs

17:57 - "No one really knows what they're doing".

19:33 - Sam shares  how gut instinct helped fuel decisions in some past arenas.

20:00 - The balancing act of knowing how and when to look at data to inform decisions vs going on instinct, experience and intuition.

21:27 - When it comes to decision making, is there such a thing as too much data?

28:44 - Sam ponders how his last work life shows up in his new work life.

30:31 - Sam shares his side gig: being an investor.

31:43 - Sam has invested in 10+ companies now and shares what he's looking for in an idea.

34:51 - Sam lives vicariously through some of his investments -- and invests in people he believes in

37:08 - Sam shares his love of Mountain biking

38:53 - Mountain Biking is a form of meditation for Sam.

39:46 - Can you teach others to take risks?

40:18 - Sam shares his upbringing growing up in an immigrant family

42:41 - His 1st investment went well which sparked a fire to continue down that path

43:48 - Sam gives a little advice for Instagram creators

44:40 - The power of Reels


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #28

Kristen Elliott (VP of Marketing, Eddie Bauer)

Kristen Elliott is the Vice President of Marketing at Eddie Bauer. What’s most fascinating about Kristen isn’t simply her decade long quest of inspiring Eddie Bauer customer’s to “Live Their Adventure” but rather her personal passion of shining a light on our fears, unfinished business and regrets that may come towards the end of our lives. She is the host of the “Dying to Live” podcast, an end-of-life Doula and on a quest to help people find peace in the meaning of their lives. We address it all on this weeks The Courageous Podcast.

Episode Notes

4:29 - Life changes that caused me to think about what I wanted out of life

6:20 - I have loved this brand since the day I walked into it - empowering people to have the outdoor experiences they want to have - guiding people toward wellness

6:45 - Coming back into a leadership position enabled me to do some of the things I wanted to accomplish that I was unable to previously

7:06 - The biggest lesson - to really lean into the "hell yeses of life" and stay clear of the "F-no's"

7:59 - There really is no time to have a mediocre life and make mediocre decisions.  To sit in mediocrity at all.  If you aren't happy with something, change it.

9:29 - When I started my freelance business I was determined not to take work I didn't believe in - just for the sake of taking work...I wanted to believe in the things I was doing.

11:52 - There is a massive difference between an influencer and someone who has influence

12:15 - Came back as a more ME version of me.

12:20 - Really started to take off some of those layers we put on...especially in corporate America

12:41 - Not adhering to those costumes that were previously required and instead showing up as myself.  Part of that is truth speaking, even when it is not popular.

14:05 - 2020 gave us the opportunity to strip back the things that we were doing and look very acutely at how we wanted to pave the way forward.

15:31 - The history of Eddie Bauer

16:11 - The shop in downtown Seattle served as a community gathering place...sharing stories about outdoor experiences.

16:41 - Benefits of getting outside...a remembrance of connection that gets built

19:06 - Live your's self prescribed.

20:07 - We view the outdoors as a playground, not an arena.

21:08 - Spend less time scrolling social media, and more time scrolling ourselves.

23:21 - Slowing down...connect with yourself more.

25:00 - Integrating experiences through adventure.

27:21 - What Kristen connected to the brand and the outdoors.

28:25 - The freedom you can feel as an individual in the outdoors.

30:30 - Taking the brand back to its roots and the purpose of Guides.

32:57 - Dying to Live podcast

33:51 - There must be a better way to do death.

34:17 - No idea how to handle emotional to handle grief.

34:24 - New role coming to life called an end of life doula...a sister role to hospice.

34:56 - We need people that are comfortable being close to death, who can talk about it, who can help sheppard people through this amazing process we are all going to go through.

35:42 - How to manage the many transitions we go through in life and personal grief.

38:32 - Grief is associated with every kind of loss...not just death.

39:10 - Fears Kristen faced leaving and coming back to Eddie Bauer.

41:23 - Everything we need to know is inside us already.

41:53 - Kill off comparing ourselves. When you compare, beware. Come home to yourself.

43:31 - Soul alignment immersion.

46:01 - A refocus into our communities.

48:10 - We all die, but not all of us are living.


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #29

Marisa Thalberg (EVP/Chief Brand and Marketing Officer of Lowe’s)

Marisa Thalberg, EVP/Chief Brand and Marketing Officer of Lowe’s, is now one year in on her new mission to surprise and delight DIY customer’s. Never have we asked more of our homes nor have our homes been more part of the cultural conversation. Who better than Marisa, named one of Forbes 50 most Influential CMOs in the World, to share how her team has navigated these trying times by striving to do the right thing for Americans. In this episode, Marisa, who worked previously at Taco Bell in California, shares what it’s like to move across the country during a global Pandemic; a move she doesn’t recommend! Marisa also walks us through her current reality of making decisions in 1) a new job, 2) from a Zoom box, 3) in the business of home. We also discussed what role Lowe’s should/shouldn’t play during the pandemic, where courage should/shouldn’t show up in a business and, finally, how her work on the infamous “The Bell Hotel” was not a year one move. In a time when retailers are struggling to find their way, Lowe’s is just the opposite. We discuss it all on this episode.

Episode Notes

3:59 - Does Marisa feel like she's a courageous leader?

6:03 - We force Marisa to choose 3 words to describe herself.

6:33 - Her thrill in the workplace: finding ways to win creatively

8:12 - "Psychology is the gameplay for what we do"

9:47 - Marisa shares the power of brands and their role in culture.

10:26 - The role of home today.

12:12 - Marisa explains what delights her about jumping into new verticals.

13:18 - Marisa is adamant about not doing things differently for the sake of doing things differently.

15:34 - Marisa doesn't recommend moving across the country during a global pandemic.

17:40 - One surprise she learned from an economist: residential sales have been stong during this time.

19:51 - "It takes time to build trust and relationships."

21:37 - Work life and home life have come together

22:35 - The importance of keeping the team aligned: Marisa and department are meeting once a week right now.

25:07 - Marisa shares that when she's passionate about the work shes doing she's not afraid to speak up.

26:35 - We remember the inspirational leaders we report into (and the not so good as well).

30:11 - Marisa confides why marketing and the consumer needs it proper seat at the business table.

31:32 - Ad Age hails Lowes as Marketer of the Year

33:31 - Marisa walks us through her reality of making instinctual decisions in 1) a new job, 2) during a pandemic, 3) in the business of home

34:43 - Where courage should and shouldn't play in their business

38:23 - Lowe's win-win-win program: "Plant's Of Purpose"

41:32 - We tak about her work creating Taco Bell's "The Bell" Oasis out in Palm Springs

42:33 - Creating a culture where people are not afraid to bring bold ideas to the table.

45:15 - Once the fundamentals are locked then you can begin to take some creative risks.

46:32 - Marketing isn't all fluff & fun. Marketing brings clarity. Clarity drives focus. Focus is part of strategy.

48:54 - Marisa shares some of her tenets of leadership.

52:05 - What are the things worth fighting for?

53:51 - Why did the "Bell Hotel" make business sense at the time?

58:47 - Marisa gives a quick shout out and explanation to "Executive Mom's" which she founded 18 years ago.

1:01:26 - The importance of staying compassionate through all of this challenge and change.


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #30

Lisen Stromberg (Founder of PrismWork)

If we were going to launch a business today, Lisen Stromberg would be a first round lottery pick for a partner! She is a thought leader, author, cultural strategist and the founder of PrismWork; a company that drives workforce innovation and 21st century leadership. In this episode of the Courageous Podcast we discuss the necessary, tectonic shifts happening in workplace culture today. This includes the need for team diversity, equity and belonging. We pontificate on if the United States of America were our client, how would we go about fixing its reputation. We discuss the importance of leaders shifting their focus from external shareholders to internal stakeholders. And we delved into the importance of gender mix found across high-performing cultures. This episode is for any leader who aspires to build a best-in-class 21st century company looking to align its purpose with its people, programs, products and processes. Enjoy.

Episode Notes

5:46 - We believe we have to be the ideal worker

6:25 - Heartwarming to hear the next generation of men stepping up and saying they want to be actively engaged fathers

6:32 - How to be great at your career and your family life

6:52 - The abundance mindset and trends we are seeing

7:10 - Value is not just about shareholders; it's about stakeholders

8:53 - Fears of taking a break from work

9:32 - The profile of productivity will surprise you - it's not about being all in, all the time

10:01 - Huge rise of parents versus non-parents

12:25 - This is a collective problem to solve, not an individual one

13:04 - Integrating work and family

13:29 - The United States ranks dead last in paid parental leave

14:17 - Please support

18:15 - We have a duality structure and we need to change that

18:20 - Go back to our original values as a country

20:15 - People need to be given a chance to learn and grow and change

20:53 - Forces from the bottom up and top down are creating change

21:24 - Background on PrismWork and HEARTI - Humility, Empathy, Accountability, Resilience, Transparency, Inclusivity

23:45 - The core traits of leadership in the 21st century

25:51 - Why buy-in from the full leadership team is important

28:51 - Often times what has happened is that someone is in pain and leaders need help to build it the right way.

32:01 - Humility and curiosity drive awareness

35:23 - Carol Dweck's research around scarcity mindset, abundance mindset and understanding a growth mindset.

37:23 - Why courage matters

39:06 - Courage happens every day

39:42 - Sharing your truth and finding courage in doing so can help someone else

41:52 - The cult of productivity

44:01 - The construct of corporate America

44:36 - The need to change what success looks like

44:46 - Taking time off from work has massive benefits

46:14 - Shame is not a driver for change

49:57 - How to live your best life

50:10 - Get clarity on your values and how you choose to spend your time


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #31

Brent Gleeson (Navy SEAL and Author)

Let’s call a spade a spade: 2020, for the most part, sucked. After that brutal time of hardship, our guest on this episode might have you think differently about that year of sheer adversity. Author and Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson’s new book, “Embrace The Suck” showcases how pain is in fact a portal to transforming your mind. While we know the importance of corporate mental toughness, in this episode, we ask Brent if it’s ok to ask clients about physical fitness. We discuss the nuances of becoming a high performance team, the importance of consistent discipline and the power of knowing then leaning into purpose. We also touch on what it was like slogging through BUDS with his SEAL mate and the writer of his Foreword, David Goggins. Enjoy.

Episode Notes

3:10 - Brent's background and starting his first company

3:57 - Learning about pivots in entrepreneurship

5:38 - Should every American serve in the military?

7:44 - What do you go through mentally in SEAL training

8:23 - The mental, physical and mindset transformation

8:51- Key attributes - grit, resilience, mental fortitude, passion, and a deep emotional connection to the idea of serving

12:47 - Taking Point - The foundational principles for leadership and organizational development

13:44 - Wanted 'Embrace the Suck' to be something actionable in the personal transformation space

15:34 - Navigating obstacles in a better fashion is a path to fulfillment and ultimately a more meaningful life

16:52 - Pain versus pleasure

18:35 - "Do something that sucks everyday"

19:24 - Get comfortable, being uncomfortable

19:03 - A growth mindset is wrapped in courage, courageous action, courageous thought, courageous faith and purpose

21:13 - Make a list on the items you do want to regret in life and execute that list

22:07 - Values and leadership at work versus at home

23:34 - "We defined a set of guiding principles for our family that helps us get through obstacles, challenges, and celebrate wins"

26:17 - Level of awareness to be successful

27:36 - "New Year's resolutions are for losers"

29:01 - Discipline is about balance - mind, body, and decisions

31:43 - Consistency and schedule of "successful" people - Sunday through Sunday

32:08 - Do your to-do list the day before, not the morning of...

33:58 - What does a regimented schedule look like with kids in the mix

36:10 - Communicate, set expectations and be willing to adapt

40:22 - How you can prepare yourself physically to help yourself mentally

42:30 - Brent shares his story of courage in the workplace


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #32

Minter Dial (Leadership Expert)

Get ready to be whisked away on a whirlwind adventure of how a Managing Director at L’Oreal went from the intensity of Madison Avenue to becoming an empathetic UK film maker, leadership consultant and Author. The versatile, deep-thinking Minter Dial joins us to share a handful of personal stories on how leading from any office, board room or stage starts with being prepared for those big, important life moments. We also discuss the importance of taking more control of our schedules and how we can learn to better manage our time vs the other way around. Finally, Minter gives us a snippet of his new book “You Lead” including a clear framework we can follow to become better leaders. Spoiler alert: It starts with getting clear on what’s important to you.

Episode Notes

4:50 - Minter's background from the non-traditional jobs to entrepreneurship and corporate life
7:17 - What was tugging at Minter to leave corporate and go back to entrepreneurship
8:42 - Leaning into tie dye...and wearing it to work
10:49 - The one moment that drove Minter to re-evaluate what he was doing with his career
15:07 - Do you know what you stand for?
19:12 - The challenge and the time needed to get to know yourself
19:21 - If you haven't done the work to know who you are, then you are being authentic about what?
20:26 - Standing up and standing out feels bad
20:58 - CHECK, the framework
24:06 - The link between empathy and time
26:53 - The cult of productivity is dangerous - it pulls on our resources and are not present with ourselves
27:44 - We replace being with doing more stuff
29:53 - Back to CHECK - Curiosity, Humility, Empathy, Courage, Karma
33:46 - Explaining Karma - intentions and actions
36:02 - You Lead, You
38:07 - Minter shares his story of vulnerability
42:24 - Minters view on being able to openly discuss death
43:40 - Minter shares his story of courage


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #33

Derek Walker (Founder of advertising agency Brown & Browner)

“I move through a store differently just because of how the world perceives me.” What’s life like walking in the shoes of Derek Walker in America? If you’re a Black man, you already know. If you’re not, on this episode of The Courageous Podcast, come learn from the straight-shooting founder of South Carolina advertising agency Brown & Browner’s Derek Walker. Derek is an impassioned advertising executive who is not afraid to share his profound point of view on the need for better leadership when it comes to race relations in both the board room and across the country. In this episode, we navigate the divide that exists between White America and Black America. Is the USA really the land of the free? What is the role that CEOs must play in the diversity, equity and inclusion conversation? Are there any leaders left or have we all surrendered to working for bosses? Join us for an honest, genuine conversation with Derek where no topic was left unchecked.

Episode Notes

4:09 - "This is how we never solve anything"

6:26 - "The worst thing that could happen to advertising was..."

9:13 - What scares Derek about today

12:11 - The power of values

15:21 - Being a believer in the Constitution

15:32 - Derek's concern with the Jeep Super Bowl commercial.

18:54 - Should we be united here in America?

21:04 - The need to address bad behavior of bad apples.

23:41 - Standing together for one single principle

27:27 - Where have the leaders gone?

29:55 - Being more diverse starts with the CEO

30:15 - "They are bosses; they are not leaders."

31:59 - Why Derek left NYC...

34:04 - Placing your people over clients

35:36 - Firing bad clients

38:29 - In business, courage is a competitive advantage. In life, being courageous makes us happier.

39:50 - Derek shares what he loves the most

42:07 - Safe is now unsafe.

45:06 - If you don't grow you're dying.

45:17 - We need to overcome the fear of talking about our differences

46:09 - Do white men see black people?

46:34 - "I move through a store differently just because of how the world perceives me."

48:35 - "No one is talking about Black Lives Matter anymore"

49:06 - Derek shares he was quoted a different price to speak at an event than a white colleague

51:52 - Some problems need conversation to get to solutions

53:55 - "We need to understand that we see things differently"

56:12 - Derek profiles talented Black creatives during Black History Month


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #34

Micol Rankin (Host of “You Are Dope”)


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #35

Julian Cole (Strategist / Founder Planning Dirty Academy)


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #36

Sarah Jordan (CEO of Mastermind Toys)


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #37

Lilian Tomovich (CMO Grove Collaborative)


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #38

Eric Toda (Global Social Marketing at Facebook)


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #39

Shelby Stanger (Badass Podcaster)


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #40

Robbie Rogers (Soccer Star / Producer)


The Courageous Podcast—Episode #41

Andrew Turner (Senior Manager – Amazon Alexa Artificial Intelligence)

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