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Ryan Berman is the Corporate Motivational Keynote Speaker and Consultant for Fortune 1000 clients looking to unlock courage in their stories, business and cultures.

In 2019, Ryan Berman sparked the courage movement that set out to reinvent businesses by galvanizing people, inspiring leaders, and celebrating courageous action in life and business.

Since then, this movement has continued to gain momentum around the country as Ryan has shared his methods with the leaders at Google, Kellogg’s Europe, Snapchat, charity: water, PnC Bank, Kraft Heinz, Logitech, Pledge 1% and many others.

On a larger level beyond marketing, we are witnessing a clarity epidemic before our very eyes, causing catastrophic levels of paralysis that is stymieing growth and splintering cultures. That lack of corporate action is creating internal politics, negativity and, quite often, mass turn over.

But Ryan believes being courageous is our ultimate competitive advantage. If 95% of our competition is stuck in freeze or flight and we can train our teams to be in that 5% that learns how to fight, then this is a liberating differentiator from the rest of the competitive pack.

He envisions a world where courageous leaders are creating courageous cultures. Those courageous cultures are accepting of courageous ideas and innovation. In essence, any willing being, business or brand can return on courage. And when you do, you’ll feel it permeating in your people, products and corporate purpose. The only way to properly goal set is to have the skill set working in tandem with the right mind set; that’s the power of courage.

Corporate Speaking at Virtual Meetings

Ryan Berman, resilience expert and author of Best-selling book Return On Courage, offers speaking engagements via virtual conferences and interactive webinars when your organization is dispersed geographically or working under stay-at-home conditions. Virtual conferences provide an opportunity to reach a greater number of participants, allow two-way sharing of information in real-time and can expand the potential for on-demand participation. Whether you’re looking to create-a-change in yourself or team, Ryan is one of the most sought after presenters who can offer a media-rich experience to create courageous change.

Audiences consider Ryan a top-rated speaker who is confident, entertaining and motivational. He is usually the top speaker at any event and earns standing ovations from attendees at his live appearances. Ryan is a must-see speaker, both in person and online, who will transform your teams and employees with his courageous outlook on their personal and professional lives.

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