Now a personal story.

It was in 2017 when I knew I was going to leave the creative agency I co-founded. I hadn’t shared this information with anyone yet. After going through the 1000 day journey of writing Return On Courage, I came out the other side…different. I had a clear picture of my values and they simply weren’t in line with the principals of my very own company.

My truth:
I had changed from the person I was when I started that last company.

I couldn’t have been more afraid.
I felt I had something with ‘courage’;
but remained in the dark on what it might become.

In my heart, I knew leaving was the right move.
But what did my unknown future hold?

Now an all-of-us story.

Suffer from Phobophobia?
That would be the fear of fear itself.

Our wiring suggests the answer is a hard yes.
When it comes to Matador’ing fear in the workplace, we’re all suspect.

I’ve written before that fear is not trying to hurt you.
It’s all in your mind; how you look to manage it.

My challenge to you?
Step into FOMF.

FOMF = Fear Of Missing Fear.

Be a Fear Hunter.
Look for it in you.
Look for it in your projects.
Find it and discuss fear in your organization.
Proactively shrink fear on down, then find another one.

It has been four years since the incubation of Courageous. I can attest that I’m in lockstep between my values and the type of work I aspire to take on. I now get the opportunity to be ME everyday.

It’s hard to take on change.

I’m here to tell you that when you find that courage in yourself (and company), when you power through that fear, you come out the other side happier.

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