Hi. I’m Ryan Berman.

I am the creator of Courage Brands™, and author of the newly released book, ‘Return on Courage’. I have two creative businesses headquartered in San Diego, California:

courageous // founder // a consultancy that wills Courage Brands™.After interviewing many of the bravest business leaders on the planet, I now follow a methodology (P.R.I.C.E.) that turns willing companies into Courage Brands. Operationalize courage within your organization and liberate from competition, fake believers, internal paralysis and outdated businesses models.

Sock Problems // founder // what problem will you sock?
Together, let’s sock problems in the world with altruistic, cause-centric socks. Each sock strives to sock a different world problem. If you aspire to sock hate, sock inequality or sock cancer, then please join the movement and make a difference. Care. Wear. Share.

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From human motorcycles to rebranding the US Ski and Snowboard, great work always starts with a courageous client.

Return on Courage

Any willing business, being or brand can learn to maximize their Return on Investment through my book Return on Courage.

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Courage is scary. And courage is scarce. Once your teams learn it, courage will be their ultimate competitive advantage.

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I have helped many household brands shift from preservation mode to liberation mode. Email now to learn how I can help you.


"Ryan’s passion for courage and for brands is infectious. He, as he believes brands should, lives and breathes the mission and values he has defined for himself.”

Jennifer Zudonyi, MLB, Sr. Brand Marketing


“Ryan has dug deep into one of the brightest values of human kind - Courage. It’s an inspiring thesis and a desk reference for winners.”

Jason Deland, Founder

US Ski & Snowboard

“Working with Ryan and his team was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my 25 year career.”

Mike Jaquet, CMO


“Ryan is right! The difference between mediocrity and greatness or failure and success is one simple ingredient: courage. Ryan provides a playbook to realize our true potential.”

Eric Ryan, Founder


“Ryan is an exceptionally talented creative strategist. He has a unique ability to connect with consumers, clients and business partners on a personal level.”

Evan Jones, CMO

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Ask me about my charitable sock company that’s out to sock different problems in the world. Ask me how I can help transform you and your company into a willing Courage Brand.